Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Style Treating

Above: Believe it or not...these ingredients mixed correctly, create some of the world's most amazing burritos and salsa. I'm hoping these delicious burritos will become our Halloween dinner tradition. UH-MAZING!!
Daisy was totally zoning out and watching the Wiggles. She was kind enough to stick out her tongue for our picture attempt:). My silly girl. She loved all of the visitors that we had!
It was so nice to have Grandma spend the evening with us. Made it much more festive!
Daddy and his little boo boo and her tiny candy pail. Isn't it a perfect baby sized pail!
First neighbor visit. Daisy was content to stare at the people opening their door for her. too cute!
But when the big bowl of candy was put in front of her she got excited about that too!
next stop...another kind neighbor and I love that Joey captured the moment so well in these pictures. She is handed a piece of candy and though she is more interested in observing the neighbor....
She accepts her little goodie with curiosity...doncha love her hand holding her pail:) hehe
and then she has a baby style treating experience. These pictures made me melt....I'm such a sucker for my little girl!


  1. those are so great! so much fun you guys are having. I remember my grandparents coming over on halloween and it made all the difference. By the way, I love the post before this one too! Her little outfit with the scarecrow is great! LOVE THEM

  2. Oh, I LOVE the one of her eating the M&Ms!!!

  3. I love how she observed the neighbors! Too cute with her candy pail, these are so precious!

  4. AWE!! SUPER CUTE PICTURES! I love how she was oberving that one neighbor and not even paying attention to the m&ms haha!

  5. Looks like you guys had a good who REALLY ate the candy?

  6. I don't know why, but photos of ingredients make me really happy! (They really do). LOL! Not so much because I like to eat or anything, I just like them all lined up so nicely. Yeah, that's weird.

  7. Loved the pictures and I'm hungry for burritos now! :)
    Big Fat Mama

  8. Cute, Cute Cute! She is simply getting more adorable by the day.

  9. I love that last picture of Daisy!! What a little cutie!!!!!!!! Love that bucket! I agree, it does feel more festive with family around. Holidays are always more enjoyable with more family!


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