Friday, November 26, 2010


Is this a happy face or what. She is happy because she knows that she can get into everything now....I'm happy because she is crawling but, then again...shoot, I have a lot to do tomorrow!! lol

Daisy's cousin Daniel blessed us with a visit as he was in town from Florida. It was great to see you Daniel and I bet you never thought you'd visit on the day DAisy started crawling:) Lucky guy!

Lots of love and support for Daisy today. So special!

Our little girl has officially begun the crawling journey and the day after Thanksgiving no less!! A lot of Joey's family stopped by this afternoon to visit and to bless Joey and me with some early Christmas presents which I will share about later, and I think God knew that this would be a perfect and special time to give Daisy her crawling nudge so that everyone could enjoy it together. Daisy has been trying SO hard to crawl for a good month now. She could pop her butt up and hold herself pretty steady but, she just started getting on all fours the past few days. Grandma put some keys (Daisy's favorite thing) in front of her and to all of our surprise Daisy concentrated super hard and put all her energy into getting those keys and sure enough she crawled a few paces and got the keys and then proceeded to crawl over and over again which leads me to believe that she will have crawling mastered in a week...or less. She was trying SO hard and was loving the attention, applause, cheers and smiles. She seemed a little confused why she was getting as much attention as she was but, being the ham that she is she didn't mind for long. She did spit up several times as a result of the effort she put into crawling but, in time this will of course get much easier for her. There were tears shed, laughs shared and a special memory made for all of us. What a gift!! Just a week shy of her 8 month birthday. Congrats Daisy girl!!! She also said bye again this weekend when I hung up the phone with my mom and said bye out of no where Daisy repeated me. She also raises her hands up over her head and sways them around if you say, "up so high," to her. And she gives kisses now. AMAZING season we are in with our Daisy girl.



  1. what a stinker! I was so close to seeing her first "move". That is so great Casey, and yes you do have a lot to do tomorrow! Oh what fun you guys will have...i still can't get over it! Get a video soon!

  2. Yay! I love it when they hit that stage! No longer frustrated they can't get what they want! Fixes that problem!!! At least for a little :) LoL! We'll need to see a video of this one!!!!!

  3. How sweet and what a sweet memory for your family. Hope you had a great long weekend

  4. Soooo sweet! I can tell how much you enjoy your sweet baby. I LOVE that age! :-) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did, but I'm ready to get back into the routine. ;-) Have a great week!

  5. Do you think she planned to wait to crawl when she could have lots of attention? Future star?? :)

    You can tell she put a smile on everyone's face for Thanksgiving! Have fun chasing her around now!!


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