Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My friend Danielle, who just recently had the most adorable baby boy, tagged me in her "Favorite Things" survey. I met Danielle back in junior college when I lived out in California and it has been a treat to keep in touch with her over the years via Facebook and through her blog. She has a great sense of style and is an amazing woman of faith who shines inside and out!

Now on to my favorites:
1. Flowers - Truth be told, I do not have a favorite flower. It used to be a white Lilly but, I have long since branched away from having a single favorite and now I love just about any and every flower! Roses are always a keeper. I love bright pink, deep red, soft pink and even soft yellow. There is just nothing like a fragrant, gorgeous rose!
Macro / Red / pink Rose / Flower Macro / red rose / - IMG_7762-buzz
And..now that I have a daughter named Daisy I find that even these simple flowers bring me tremendous joy! Gerber Daisy's are adorable!! So yah, I love all flowers.

2. Favorite Color Combination: I love tons of color combinations but I guess my "fave" if I have to choose would be green, light beige and a touch of burgundy or pink or red. Others that I enjoy...I love black and white and red. I love pink and green. I love grey and lime green. I love beige and burgundy and black. I like shabby chic soft tones but, truth be told...my absolute favorite color at this time is green so I am always drawn to green paint swatches, blankets that have green and pink or yellow together. I don't need my house overpowered by green...just nice touches of it here and there. I don't like a room to feel cold. I enjoy earth tones and a room that feels warm (to me). Love me some green! (This kitchen picture makes me so happy....see, I love green!)
Green kitchen + white cabinets + red accents: 'Sweet Caroline' by Benjamin Moore

Fresh Green

3. Is favorite celebrity couple...I hate to be a dud on this one but, I simply do not have one. It's not that I don't enjoy entertainment but, I haven't found a single couple in Hollywood worth following or getting my hopes up for. So I will skip this one...Feel free to use this one though!

4. Favorite Theme Song: I'm not one to listen to the same thing for very long. I get tired of music easily since I listen to things too much and then burn out on it. I will say that my favorite style of music is Christian music...not all Christian music as some of it is just bland and cheesy but, these days some great artists have come out with amazing stuff. I like Christian music because when I listen to the words my faith is stirred and my spirits are lifted and it totally resonates with me because my faith is so important to me. What I tend to listen to most: Shane and Shane, Phil Wickham, Jeremy Riddle, Jeremy Camp, Paul Right, Brandon Heath, Toby Mac, Third Day, Bethany Dillon, Need to Breath, Kim Walker, Jason Upton and many more but, I'm drawing a blank right now.

Check out one of my favorite groups:

Favorite Magazine: Better Homes and Gardens hands down. I have found it to be the most bang for my buck. It's a hefty magazine full of decorating pictures, recipes, gardening ideas and stories. I love it! Hey, I guess I do have a favorite something!
Better Homes & Gardens 1990-09 Cover

Favorite Things about Fall: Definitely the color change here in North Carolina. It's breath taking and when I lived in CA I never once experienced this. I love the cooler weather after the sweltering humid summer. I also enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming holidays! The air feels more festive! I enjoy eating warm soups, drinking tea and hot cider. Yum!

scenic beauty

Well, I'm afraid I have run out of time. I do have other favorite things that I would like to share with pictures but, this takes too long unfortunately:). Feel free to do your own post of your favorite things and let me know if you do so I can come check it out!

Other faves:

Any fruity dessert rocks my world: Peach cobblers, dutch apple pie, Strawberry rhubarb pie etc.

Food: Sushi, a delicious Steak and CA Mexican food..oh and a yummy holiday meal with mashed potatoes and rolls etc. :)

Decorating Style: If you grab a Pottery Barn magazine you have pretty much grabbed my style and all the things I wish I could afford someday for my house!

Shows: We love watching Friends. We have all ten seasons and we watch them constantly..a few we skip but, otherwise it's great! The Office...yes, my hubby and I have that unfortunate awkward, sometimes a tad crude sense of humor so we can totally relate..plus, we both have worked many years in an office. Any type of crime solving show is great too! I love HG channel!

Things to do: Photography, Gardening, decorating, watching movies or shows with my hubs after a long day is the best! blogging and shopping for bargains but, I like to shop fast. I don't do well with slow shoppers..drives me crazy to stay in one store for too long.

Okay, that's all for now...baby girl is up and I must go see that adorable face right now!! I am going to be posting our Christmas pictures later this week. I edited all of them and they turend out great:). Daisy was SOOOO tired when we took the pics so I'm impressed that we got as many as we did. Stay tuned....


  1. These are great -I enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about you.

  2. These are really awesome answers. I love learning more about you! :) I love peach cobbler too! now i want to make some.

  3. WOA! Gorgeous pics! OK, not trying to ask a silly question here, but is that your home?? It can't be, can it? It looks like out of a magazine. WOW, you should see mine with 3 kids running thru it - ha! I love little tidbits about my e-friends - thanks for sharing! :-)


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