Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Family Photos

Our end of 2010 Family Pictures and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. A big thanks to Joey's sister Jess, who was kind enough to take time out of her day to take our pictures and let me boss her around and tell her what kind of shot I was hoping for. We had planned to use a tripod and do this ourselves but, Daisy wouldn't look at the camera and we could only get a basic horizontal shot so I really do feel lucky to have someone in the family who can capture what I see in my head without charging me for it:) and then I got to edit the pics to my liking and whalah, memories are made. Our first year with Miss Daisy, Our first holiday season with a child and as parents, me transitioning from the outside job field for the first time since I've been old enough to work legally, a year of a lot of firsts and I couldn't be more Thankful.

I'm so thankful for my husband who is funny, helpful, hard working, passionate, a servant and a best friend to me. I'm so thankful for our daughter Daisy. She has blossomed into the most joyful, smiley, happy, bundle of love that we ever could have imagined. It's incredible that love can continue to grow even when it already feels like it might burst inside of you! I'm thankful for Jesus and for the guidance, grace, mercy and love he has showered on me all the days of my life. I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't met him in a personal way! I'm thankful for all of our family and friends who have filled our lives with so much love and laughter. We are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives to celebrate holidays and the simple day to day joys. I am thankful for electricity, gas, hot showers, a warm fire, clothes, my house, yummy food and the comfort that I am not starving, the freedom to worship as I please, shopping nearby, things that simplify life ( more hunting, skinning and churning butter thank you Jesus), I am thankful for health, Starbucks (sorry, couldn't help myself), laughter (the most amazing thing ever!), internet to better stay in touch with people and....I could go on far too long. I am thankful for a holiday that reminds me how much of a blessing it is to focus on thanks and not on the wants or the gimmes. What are you feeling most thankful for today?

a headband is kind of Daisy's trademark but, she is growing hair and it is at an awkward phase where it shoots up everywhere...I'm bummed but, this is the only shot we got with the headband in working order:). She is adorable regardless of course..I mean c'mon just look at her. lol:-)





nothing like family pictures to remind a mom that she needs to dye her hair....ignorance is bliss:-)




love this one below: Our little gal is such a ham and is always wanting to talk to us, smile at us or play. This moment captured her perfectly;0.

the official christmas card picture below:


This last picture cracks me up. You can sort of tell that Daisy was over it right? She was WAY over it. It was an hour past her nap time and out of like 30 pictures against this wall this was the only one that she was semi tolerant to the camera. We should have all frowned and it could have been an old fashioned picture;). I'm so proud of my boo boo for hanging in there even when she was out of it. What a champ you are Daisy bean!

I'm always so impressed by how well families dress when they get their professional pictures taken and I kid you not...I really have wondered how the heck they do it for years? They have the right color scheme, pattern mixture and look and no matter how hard I try I never quite can seem tom figure out how to get that "look," for our pictures if you at all know what I mean. Now that I am a photographer officially by trade, I really enjoy studying photography poses, how families dress and the simple details that make a photo pop. I was determined to try and get some sort of matching and yet spunky thing going on for us this year. hahaha. You have no idea how hard this was for me...HARD. lol. I actually had 4 shirts for myself picked out before finally settling on this one....two sweaters for Joey and three outfits for Daisy...trial and error got us here. Oh my. What fun (sarcasm). The experts (not me for the record) say to pick 2 or 3 colors and have everyone's outfit revolve around those colors, patterns, textures, layers and mixing it up are encouraged. There you now have....your tips for next years family picture:). hahaha


  1. ok...i have a ton of favorites in those! So many cute ones that show all of your personalities! I especially love Daisy's face in the one of you guys kissing her cheeks...she is like..."moooom....daaaadd." love them!!

  2. Great photos Casey!!! How fun and Daisey is a real photo baby. KLV won't smile for the camera if I begged her with candy. Hope your having a great week and Happy Early Tgiving!

  3. Thanks for the tips - we're about to get some family portraits done.

    These are great - Daisy was a real tropper and she looks cute with or without a headband!! :)

  4. These photos turned out so so good! At some point, we're going to have to get together and trade photography skills (even though I realize you didn't take these shots...I'm sure you know what I mean).

  5. You have such a beautiful family. All these pictures are fantastic!!!

  6. Aww! These are so great! I love every single one of them.

  7. i love them all!! daisy looks so big! ( and i love both yours and daisy's headbands) :)

  8. oh boy, one thing that you can see in this pictures, Daisy is LOVED and she KNOWS it! I love the first one, it looks like she is thinking,"yip, just do it again, I know you want to!" Cracks me up! Love the pictures...and you do have so much to be grateful for, happy thanksgiving Casey!

  9. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! I would die to have such beautiful shots of me and my husband with our kids! WOW! Of course, you and I would have to swap heads for the day...but I can dream, right? Absolutely BEAUTIFUL...all of you! :-)

  10. Great Pictures and such a beautiful family!! Your outfits look great!

  11. I think your hair looks fabulous, especially with that adorable headband. Hope you, Joey and Daisy have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  12. The pics are gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!



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