Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Her First Halloween




I couldn't possibly love her smile anymore than I do. It melts me every time I see it.



As you might recall I had that cute tiger costume for Daisy but, when she outgrew it I decided to go low key this Halloween especially since I didn't plan on taking Daisy trick or treating this year. She is too little to eat the candy so it doesn't seem right to take candy from people. lol. We did however; take her to a few of our neighbors houses who I had asked in advance so I could take pictures for the blog. Daisy was adorable. They would open the door and say "Happy Halloween," and she would just stare at them really serious and timid. Then they would put a bowl of candy in front of her and she got excited and would reach in to play with it all. Meanwhile a big line of kids would be quickly growing behind us. It was too cute to watch her check things out and to see her put tiny candies in her tiny pail. I will post those pictures asap. Just thought I would share my cute little boo boo in her Halloween tutu.

Oddly enough just a couple of hours after all of our Halloween fun Daisy came down with a nasty cold and ended up being awake all night long weezing, coughing and sneezing and crying. It was a long night for us and she was miserable the entire next day as well. She is starting to recover as are we but, man. It's not fun to see my daughter sick:-(.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!! What do you do with all of your kid's candy? Do you have a candy eating free for all or is it limited to a certain amount each day? Boy, I'm lucky that this year Daisy is still content to chew on the candy in the wrappers! haha


  1. I love her tutu! So adorable.

    I loved your post about being real too. It was so true. I love how you described God as knowing our thoughts and really understanding them, as if to let us know we are not alone and he gets us. That is so comforting to know...thanks for the wonderful scripture to reflect on!
    Big Fat Mama

  2. Oh man! This is making me feel reeeeeally bad for not getting Livia a costume this year! What ADORABLE pictures! I'm kind of sad about not doing it...I just thought since she wasn't going trick or treating (too cold - bleh!), but I should have done it just for the pictures. (Well, I DID see some on clearance at Super Target today)... Hmmmmm... What precious pictures!

  3. I love her Halloween outfit! What a precious! Sorry to hear she is sick. I hope she is doing better! We've been fighting sickness all week, not fun at all!

  4. Casey, I don't know if that little girl could be ANY CUTER! I love her Halloween outfit! The tutu is adorable. So far Missy is the only girl in the house I can dress up in a tutu and I don't think she would appreciate it very much! ha! (I may just do it though!) I'm with you on the no tricker treating this year. H is still too young in my opinion to have all of that candy AND I didn't want the candy in the house! I have no self control right now. If it tastes good you can bet I'll make myself sick eating as much as possible. So terrible. We, I, let H eat a couple of pieces of candy but then I cut him off. He was on such a sugar rush he would run up and down the driveway! Sorry to hear little Daisy got a bug! Hope she's feeling better and you guys got some rest!

  5. She is so adorable! Love her tutu. So cute! Hope she feels better soon!

  6. So so cute!!! I am sorry she got sick - hope she is all better very soon!!

    I let Emma have some, none for Aaron of course - we put the good stuff in the freezer b/c Kit Kats always taste better cold...then the rest I bring to work. I bring a handful every day and soon it's all gone! :)

  7. So completely adorable! I'm sorry she's sick... tis the season I guess. :-(

  8. She looks absolutly adorable! So cute!! Poor little thing, I hope she gets better soon and you guys get some rest!

    My girls only filled up a litte pail of candy, and they get one a day ;) mommy and daddy get a few too hehe!

  9. How cute! She looks adorable!!!

    We have a free-for-all with the candy! No limits as long as they share with me! They hit up as many houses as possible, I check the candy for bad stuff, I take what they are willing to give me (as long as it isn't the crap), then it is candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner if they want! I figure they will get sick of it and eat healthy when their bodies tell them it's time! Same with Easter candy!


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