Sunday, November 21, 2010

Very Good Day

Is there anything more peaceful than watching a baby sleeping soundly?

I met up with my good friend Lindsay and her little Lila who is only 3 weeks older than Daisy and we grubbed together and did some Christmas shopping. The girls looked so cute next to each other and now they can both sit up in high chairs it's just awesome!! Lila is the sweetest little peach on the planet and is so mellow. Daisy was all over the place. It is a crack up! I look forward to these little ones growing up together;).

For Starters: A big birthday shout out to MY MAMA!!!!! It's her birthday today. I love her so much. She is my best friend, my encourager, my counselor, my wing woman, my cheerleader, my faith mentor and my mama. I LOVE HER!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Today was a special day in my book. The hubs was home ALL day which is very rare and though he was working for some of the day we still were able to carve out some special family moments. Daisy gets up at around 6:45 every morning and I have to tell you that this is still hard on me after all these months. I have never been a morning person and even after being up all night throughout my entire pregnancy it is still tough to wake up each day so early because I know that I cannot sleep in anymore even if I wanted to:). lol. To try and make this adjustment easier on myself I have been waking up, opening the shades to let sunshine flood through the house, lighting an apple spice candle, playing instruments only worship music on CD and sometimes flipping the switch (how crazy that all I have to do is flip a switch now!) and letting the fireplace run for a bit to burn off the morning chill. I also made some biscuits this morning and everyone woke up happy and smiling. It was wonderful! We played with Daisy and shared so many belly laughs.

I had a photo session with two sisters today. They wanted to get some pictures taken to give their parents for Christmas. I had a blast and Joey was able to watch Daisy for me so I could focus and enjoy myself. Fun!!

Later in the evening after Joey had finished his work we went to Toys R Us with Daisy!! I have not been to this store since I was a kid and have never really wanted to until having a child of my own. We had a $20 gift card and planned to pick something out for Daisy for Christmas. Isn't it awesome how having a child can bring out the kid in us again! Toys in general had lost all wonder and excitement for me and now that I have a little girl I felt myself grow giddy with anticipation as we picked out a couple little things for Daisy to tear open on her first Christmas this year. Walking through the toy store was a blast for us, picking out her gift together was special and hearing the squeals of joy and seeing the looks of elation on Daisy's face as we walked through kiddie Heaven was priceless!

A very, very Good Day. Thank you Jesus!


  1. OMG, both babies are so cute! I think it's great that Daisy already has so many little friends to grow up with. :) Glad you had an awesome day!

  2. Looks like you had a fun day! Shopping for toys at Christmas is SO much fun! :)

  3. Glad you had a good day. Sounds like fun!

  4. I agree, there is nothing like a sleeping baby. This picture is PRECIOUS! Looks like one of those 'went your way' kind of days. Love that! Have a great week Casey.

  5. What a wonderful day and how wonderful that you can see the wonder in it! Funny, I am not a morning person either. It is so bad that my hubbie BRINGS ME COFFEE IN BED because I am sooo useless before my first cup! I blame it on the lupus! =) Everything hurts until I wake up fully and my meds start to work on the aching joints. I also light the APPLE SPICE candle and FLIP THE SWITCH to the fireplace! =)

  6. So cute! Love the sleeping picture! Love sleeping baby's too! Mine sleep on their tummy though...

  7. The babies are such cuties! Also I love toy shopping especially at Target because they have all the retro toys I had when growing up. Love how kids/holidays bring out the best in us!

  8. I'm so glad you had such a great day! The babies are too cute side by side in their high chairs. It IS amazing what a child brings out in us!

  9. I love playdates!

    What a great way to start your morning!

    Christmas is so much fun, specially with having little ones!


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