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8 Months Old - Bruin

One of the things that I enjoy about having two kids is that I am now able to see, so very clearly that kids are SO different and that no matter what we do as parents..our kid's personalities are going to play a large role in how things pan out in our homes and in their lives.  Yes, we can train our children to do so many things but, some kids train more easily than others...that is just a fact.  If I only ever had Daisy, who has been a relatively mild tempered and mannered kiddo...I might think that all of my children might be similar in temperament.  Now that I have had two darling kiddos, and one who is much stronger willed, I can relate to all of my friends who have a more fiery and passionate kiddo.  lol.

So many of my parenting tactics have shifted to adjust for Bruin's personality.  So many of my opinions about how to do things have and are continue to change daily. So many of the things that I said I would never do...I do and it is quite liberating actually.  Freedom!

 Each of our children are inevitably going to be different and unique and I think as a result that we tend to parent a tad differently so that we can bring out the best in each of our kids.  As parents we love each of our kids the same and just as deeply but, I can see that some kids have different love languages and need to be shown love and discipline in different forms.  It's been a fun and crazy adventure these past 8 months and as long as I am a blogger you will get a front row seat to all the Martinez family, parenting drama so stay tuned!!  HAHA

And now on to Bruin's little 8 month details....

*He has four teeth in and two more in the miserable works:) bottom and top two are in.
                *For some reason he has gone on a bit of a baby food strike.  He has no desire to eat                                                    anything that we have tried to give him over the past week or two.  He might eat a few bites before       turning his head and refusing and then crying.  He does love the little puff crackers and little bites of anything we are eating...that I am okay with him a tiny piece of bread or cracker etc.  Not sure what his deal is regarding baby food.   We have tried all of the level one foods and he liked them all at one time.  He is not a fan of rice cereal mixed with his fruits or veggies so we had to give that up a while ago.  I'm thinking that we are going to ditch baby food somewhat and move on to big people foods that are baby friendly.

*his pointer finger and thumb grip has just started to improve in the past couple of weeks.  He now loves to pick up food.  I would say picking up pieces of food is Bruin's absolute favorite thing to do.  Sounds like a typical guy after all:). 

*He takes about 3 naps a day at this point. First around 9ish, second around 12:30ish (totally depends day to day) and the last one is usually around 3 or 4.  Most of his naps are 30-45 minutes long max.  SO SO SO hope that they get longer someday and I'm thinking that they will in time.  Every once in a while he will nap for an hour plus but, it has been extremely rare at this point.  We have a sound machine in his room and I usually keep a fan on low as it gets hot in his room.  The sound machine has been a huge blessing!  Wish I had used it with Daisy.

 *He goes to bed easily around 7 or 7:30 every night.  It's great actually.  This kid has always wanted to go to bed early.  It's in his DNA.  Daisy never wanted to go to bed...Bruin begs for it pretty much.  I don't have to rock him or do much of a special routine.  I just give him a pacifier and give him a satin edged blankie to snuggle with.  He might move around for a minute or two after I say good night and kiss his cheeks but, then he is out.  

*He wakes up for good anywhere between 5:30 and 7 AM.  His average is 6:15.  UGGGGG.  I'm trying to teach him to hang out in his crib for 15 minutes or so but, he is not always up for it. 

*He has only started improving in his night time sleeping in the past 2 weeks because he started rolling on his tummy and at first he hated it but, something clicked and he started loving and even preferring it. The first few nights he would scream after a couple of hours of tummy sleeping and I would have to roll him on his back but, with each passing night he would sleep a little bit longer.

*He still wakes up about four or five times a night just to move into a new position.  Only requires me to go in about 2 times...3 on a rougher night.  I often give him a pacifier at around 2 AM and I still nurse him every morning at around 3 or 4 and then he goes right back to sleep until 6ish.  I'm hoping to drop one of these wake ups asap but, I am SO SO happy with this progress.  I was getting up 6-8 times a night with him for 7+ months and for screaming that would never stop....yah, I don't miss that at all.  The other funny thing is that I still wake up at all the old times that he woke up...and I'm like wide awake checking on him in the monitor even though he is sound asleep.  I'm up at 12, 2, 3, 4ish, 5:30 and then dead when he wakes up. lol.  I hope I can get my sleeping groove back soon! lol

(the pictures of Bruin in the checked blue shirt are from his 7 month session.  I never got around to blogging any of them them:)  Isn't he just the cutest little man.

*He wears size 12 months in just about all clothing but, it still has a good amount of room.  Pants are too long in 12 months but, by fall/winter should be perfect.

*Hates being diaper changed our outfit changed.  He cries or tries desperately to get away.  It's my least favorite thing to do with

*He wears size 3 diapers still.

*His eyes are still changing color but, they appear to look more brown with each passing day.  I do so love my brown eyed family...but, I admit it weird to be the only person with light eyes in my family!

*I don't know how this has happened but, it looks like Bruin has the same reddish tint to his hair that Daisy had/has.  It's mostly visible in the sun.  Joey and I get a kick out of the fact that both our kids have a hair color that neither of us have had.

*He still hates tummy time but, we can get him to tolerate it for a few minutes off and on all day now which has really helped strengthen his back/arms etc and is hopefully going to help him crawl sooner than later.

*He likes baths but, he is pretty much over it after 5 minutes.  At that point he starts reaching for me and crying.  Sigh.

*He rolls both ways but, gets stuck a lot on his arm when he is on his stomach and trying to roll to his back and then he gets mad.  He gets mad a lot. lol

*He loves taking sips of water out of my glass.  He's really good at it too.  Always gives me a big smile whenever I let him.  I love it!

*Loves being outside if he is walking in a stroller or being held.  He seems to like the wind in his hair and I can already tell that he will love watching garbage trucks, mail men etc. working out front.  He is fascinated when they drive by.

*He nurses about 4-5 times a day.  Because he isn't eating solids very well I have had to continue nursing him every 3 hours most days.  I look forward to when we can consistently stretch him to 4 hours!

*He does smile often through out the day but, it's unpredictable and not easy to make him smile on cue.  He has to be in the mood and we never know when that will be.  I sure do adore his toothy grin to pieces when I get to see it.

*likes short car rides and loves looking out the window.  30 minutes seems to be his happy max.

*Prefers sitting up to any other position and does not want to be put in any seat, chair, bouncer etc.  He already tried flipping all of his chairs and bouncy seats a few months ago.  He still falls back or forwards and is a bit wobbly if he wants to reach for something so I cannot let him sit on a hard surface unattended.

*Just started putting him in the seat in grocery carts last week.  He liked it!  I hope that it might make shopping a little easier with him.

*Is starting to pull up...(very wobbly still) on furniture, people etc.  He requires adult support to stay standing but, he loves to walk around the house that way too.

*He shrieks/screams/yells/bites.....pretty much allllllllll day long and he looks like that (below) when he is shrieking!) I wouldn't exactly describe Bruin as a happy baby but, he can also giggle like there is no tomorrow.  I LOVE when he laughs because he can go on and on and on.

(this pic is obviously blurry but, that's what life with Bruin has felt like...a wild, non-stop blur...thus picture is perfect!) lol

*He laughs more at Daisy than anyone else.  He loves when she jumps up and down and says boo.  I'm really happy that they have this laughing bond because he pretty much shrieks at everything else she does with him all day. lol

*He has started trying to crawl...just barely popping his bum up and pushing his legs as hard as he can and then he screams.  I would say we are a couple of weeks or more out still but, he sure wants to crawl badly.

*He likes his pacifier and his satin edged blanket just like his big sister did.  He can go without the pacifier much longer than DAisy and I think it might even be easier to wean him off of it but, we'll see when that time comes.

*When I ask for kisses and lean in he generally wants to bite my face.  So sweet and loving. hehe

*I would say that he is starting to get mild stranger anxiety...very mild.  Nothing like Daisy.  He prefers being in my arms to anywhere else understandably because he is with me 24/7 but, I am thankful that he will let other people holding him for a few minutes!

Daisy is SO SO patient and kind with Bruin.  She tolerates his shrieking so well and she is always trying to make him happy.  He has the best big sister that he could ask for:)

*If you put your head or hair near him, he will yank on it hard.  HE loves that.

*Loves sitting outside on the patio with Daddy most mornings while Mommy gets her quick AM shower.  It's their bonding ritual and it is very sweet.

*I haven't left him in our church nursery yet.  Can you believe it?  Well, I have my reasons but, a big one is I want him to be able to sit up well or even crawl before leaving him there.  I often end up hanging out in the nursery with him at church on Sundays and I have enjoyed chatting with the other workers and helping out with the kiddos when I can.

*Loves when Daddy or mommy play the guitar on the floor near him.  He likes to put the guitar in his mouth and grab the neck while we play.  Who knows...maybe someday he will play!

*likes stroller walks around the block

This pic below is probably one of my favorite pictures of Bruin and Daisy to date.  Snapped it after church on a bright Sunday afternoon.  Bruin never smiles really big for pictures but, I can see the smile in his eyes and I love how his hands are both up.  Daisy is always sweet as pie during picture time.  These kiddos are such a blessing.

I can't believe that we will be celebrating this little guy's first birthday in just a few months.  I know it will be here in a blink.

Bruin Henley, I love you dearly little boy of mine.  I love that God knew that I needed a son because you are so precious in every way and I am quite tickled that I now get to play with super heroes and dinosaurs for a change!  I love everything about you...even the fire in your spirit that keeps me on my toes every day...because I know that all of who you are is going to give God glory as you grow and learn more about Him.  I pray a blessing of strength, health and joy in your life and I pray that you grow to serve and love on others with all your heart.  You are a delight my darling.

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  1. So true, and even as they get older and you 'think' you are sending them in a direction they should go they change it all up on you. There is no pride in parenting because it will get shot down with being humbled in half a second. All kids are different and we should NEVER judge how another parent is dealing with this or that or how this kid is doing this or that. It all boils down to the heart and how a person gets from point A to point B doesn't really matter. He is s doll, and I really can't believe how much he looks like sister. So dang sweet!


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