Thursday, August 13, 2015

Comparison Shot of Daisy and Bruin

It's not really a comparison shot but, it was my attempt at one.  Bruin is 8 months old here and Daisy was 6 months.  I had wanted to take this picture with Bruin when he was six months but, it just never worked out.  It was September in Daisy's pic and August for Bruins.  I still have the same jammy pants...which is cool for a comparison shot but, maybe that also means that I really need to invest in some new pj's? hehe.  I also have a similar haircut...five.five years later...maybe another area that a little change is in order?'s a functional mom cut and super easy to throw into a ponytail so it stays for now. 

Anyways, you all keep saying that my children look so much alike.  I just don't see it so I took these pictures to prove just how different they look.  That was total sarcasm.   Yes, folks they look alike...I know, I know, I KNOW.  Bwahaha.  After all the same two people did make both of them...;)

This was a fun activity and I'm hoping to snap a couple more comparison shots of the kiddos before Bruin gets too much bigger.  


  1. Their eyes & nose look the same but their heads look all together different but still yet both are still cute :)

  2. Hello Casey we are a fans of Daisy please accept on instagram only we want see pics of Daisy because we miss her so much :( true she is my model to follow, we not disturbing you and not steal pics and upload, please watch this :(


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