Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dia De Amore

What a treat to spend Valentine's day with the one you love whether that person be a friend, a family member, or a spouse. Joey gave up a day of fishing this past Saturday to head over to the Raleigh Flea Market with me. I was hoping I might find a farm table and didn't have any luck, but we did enjoy being in each other's company and browsing through the various vendor's booths and eating a hot dog from a stand. Afterwards, we went to my favorite antique shop (still no luck) and then we went home, took a nap and headed out again for a delicious sushi dinner:-) I had such a wonderful time and I just can't believe that after all these years, Joey and I are the best of friends and our love keeps growing stronger. All thanks and praise to Jesus! Hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day too! Sorry for the blur that should be Dakota. She didn't want to sit still for a family photo:)



  1. flea marketing looks like fun!!! i'm living through your shopping trips! :)

  2. You guys are the cutest love birds! I'm so happy for you two, for being together for so long and going strong!

  3. no one ever tells me they have a blog, what is up with that. good to see ya Casey


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