Monday, February 9, 2009

Warm Weekend

Our new big screen armoire that took us a year to find! So glad that big TV is hidden now!
Diana, Heather (also from Cali) and muah at bible study
Who woulda thought I'd have a Cali friend in NC!

We enjoyed the warmest weekend we have had here in NC since last Fall. It was about 65-70 both Saturday and Sunday and boy, it felt amazing! Joey fished Saturday with his buddies Bobby and Bruce at a local lake. They didn't catch much at all, but they enjoyed the warm rays while out on their boats. I went wedding dress shopping with a sweet neighbor friend, Annie, who is getting married this November and another wonderful neighbor joined also us, Erin. I love helping Bride's to be, with their wedding plans. Things are stress free when it is someone else getting married! We went down to Burlington's Bridal warehouse and I think Annie may have found her dress. The prices were so reasonable...well, for a wedding dress. Sunday's weather was also wonderful so after church Joey and I ran some errands, enjoyed a delicious Quiznos sub OUTSIDE, for the first time in months and then went home and I took my time washing my car while Joey worked on some new running boards for his boat trailer on the lawn. We put Dakota outside in a large pen and she seemed content to be outside with us until a dog walked by and then she tried to act all tough with her loud bark. Wus. Joey and I felt so rejuvenated by the warm sun and we also felt like God was giving everyone in North Carolina a chance to thaw out after all of the cold weather we have had. Thank you Jesus for the sun! Sunday night we have bible study with some other young adults from our church and I added a couple pics of some of my friends in this home group. Joey and I are so thankful for this group as we have all become great friends over the past year. Hope the weather stays nice so I can take Dakota on a few walks this week!

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  1. I love the armoire! I bed your house is looking so cute!


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