Monday, March 14, 2011

Destressify - Get Er Done

Okay so maybe this post title word is a long shot but, I looked it up and under the urban dictionary it says that when something is stressful we want to destressify....get rid of that source of stress right. So I did...destressify a little this weekend. We have had to block our kitchen off with dining room chairs (two laid on their sides) on one opening and our leather ottoman on the other side. I had to take a giant step over the chairs or ottoman to get in and out of my kitchen for the past month now so that Daisy could not get in. Why you ask would we not just let her into the kitchen? Well, because our cabinets are a pain in that they are extra deep and the regular child proofing latches were too short...we couldn't get our fingers down to open the cabinets. Why don't I just let Daisy roam and play with all of the contents in our various cabinets (we've got a lot of lower cabinets!) you ask? Because I have breakable things in every cabinet in my kitchen unfortunately. Vases, bowls, cooking pots, lids etc. It just isn't safe. So, we had to block Daisy out and everyday Daisy would stand by the chairs or the ottoman and cry bloody murder forEVER while I made meals, cleaned the kitchen or tried to hide...shhh, we all do it don't we?? hahah

I finally told my husband that I couldn't take it anymore and that I was going to glue all of cabinets shut so Daisy could roam freely and so I wouldn't have to take an olympic leap into the kitchen a million times a I kinda missed having my measly four chairs at my dining room table..the other two get covered in air drying laundry. Where is a girl supposed to sit?

So, my hubs, realizing his wife had reached the end of her infinite rope of patience (did you know infinite had an end!!) stepped up to the awesome hubby plate and found me super long child proof latches that WORKED. We got to put the chairs back at the table and moved our ottoman back into the center of the living room so our feet could actually use it for a change and AHHHHHH that is what it means to destressify my friends!!! Daisy cries a lot less, she is happier and thus Momma is HAPPIER!!! IS there anything in your life that could be done to destressify it a bit cuz I'll tell you's WORTH it to take that little extra time to get er done! lol.

Case in point..road block #1 Large Ottoman hurdle blocking side B into the living room. Annoying and made the baby very angry which made mommy a frazzled mess.

And road block #2 - Two large dining chairs laying on their sides to block side A into the kitchen. She is happy here but, only because she has company on her side of the jail. Not so happy when she is alone over there. haha Oh and by the way Daisy's smile below in the first picture is what I endearingly refer to as her TURTLE smile. She raises her head high off her shoulders and all of a sudden she has a a turtle. Do you see it too? hehe



  1. I love her little mad look and her turtle smile! SO CUTE!!! I love her shirt too! I totally know what you mean with distressifying! I tried to screw those suckers on myself but couldn't screw upward without the screws falling out and got frustrated. I finally got Rich to do it on one of his days off. He put on his headphones to help himself not get frustrated:)! I hate those things! Anyway, he did the kitchen for me, but still needs to do the bathrooms. It really made a difference! Can't wait to have my bathroom done!

  2. So glad you have your kitchen back - no reason for Daisy not to roam free. Love it.

  3. Do you have a play kitchen? That might help her "cook" while you cook. :)

  4. haha. I have so been there. Rubbermaid bins make great blocks as well!

  5. Glad you have your kitchen and chairs back! You're right, it's worth the extra effort to destressify :) lol what a cute "turtle" smile, always brings a smile to my face to see your little girl.

  6. That's actually really cute. We use the magnet latches and cannot say enough good things about them. Glad your hubby helped out in such a magnificent way.

  7. please tell Daisy to stop growing up! That first photo with daddy just screams little girl and not little baby:-) Love the blocked photo too...I just see it in action.

    Gates on my stairs were something that I needed for my sanity and I needed the doors that folded for my laundry room so we could fit through the upstairs hallway while doing laundry. right now....I would love to get rid of a ton of huge furniture pieces so we can have more "space" in our room and the baby's room! AAHH!

  8. Yay!! Thanks to your awesome hubby Diasy can roam free!

    It's always good to destressify...even if it's big or small things. =)

    Those pictres are so cute!! lol love the turtle smile!

  9. Darling pictures. Her face is so precious. :)

  10. dont you just love it when husbands listen! Hehehe. glad you didnt have to glue the cabinets shut.

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  11. adorable! so so cute. love these pics, babies are just precious. for reals:)


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