Sunday, March 13, 2011

Serious Catch Up

I want to keep reminding all of you Momma's out there to link up to my Momma In Focus Friday challenge, capturing a fun and special memory in photograph with your kiddos. This week is a freebie so take a picture of you and your kiddos doing whatever you like. Next week I will offer a prompt suggestion! You will not regret looking back on these silly, weekly photos that you capture with your kids! They will thank you for it too...maybe in 20 years, but still! Come back Friday to link up! Now, on with my post!

Okay, bear with me. I have a lot of Daisy pictures I have been needing to post and catch up on. I know Daisy pictures are what our family most enjoy seeing on this blog and when I do photo challenges and other creative blog posts I get backed up on sharing the latest with our little princess. Her first birthday party is in less than two weeks!!! wowie! I've been having fun thinking of simple and inexpensive things I can do to decorate. I'll look forward to sharing those ideas with you all later!

It's been fun to let Daisy play in her room and in her closet. Her room is more or less baby proofed and so we will often go in and I will open her closet and let her explore all the random things on the floor; boxes of diapers, baby toys, blankets, pacifiers and this particular day Daisy was absolutely fixated on this bag of wipes. She chewed on it and tried to tear it open for probably 20 minutes! IT was hilarious!

It was cute to see Daisy roaming around in only her bloomers. She isn't really supposed to pound on our fireplace..yes, I know it's a bad habit and if the fire was being used often I would have taught her by now not to go near it but, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. In the meantime she enjoys hanging out here and I don't mind. Cold granite to sit on though! Brrr...

The only time I am really able to get things done without having to worry about Daisy getting into things is when she is in her exersaucer. There she cannot hang on my leg and get into mischief. I get a LOT of housework done in 20 minutes while she sits in this thing watching Wiggles, Barney or Sesame Street. She won't be able to hang out in here much longer. I'm gonna miss it!

I originally wanted to make a triple layer cake for Daisy's birthday complete with fresh fruit filling but, after making this challenging double layer cake and nearly giving my hand a permanent cramp from creating all those pink dots I decided to go an easier route and make cupcakes for her birthday in two weeks. Less stress and less expensive. I was proud of how this turned out overall though next time instead of using cool whip and fruit in the center I would mix a heartier cream cheese frosting with the fruit. Yum!

Auntie Jess stopped by to show us her new doggie Ryla. Such a pretty name isn't it! Jess came up with it herself. Ryla is such a sweetie!

Daisy loves to watch the action going on outside our storm door. In California where we grew up no one had storm doors and initially I was totally not into the idea of getting one here in NC but, I have grown SO fond of this door. I love the extra sunlight that streams into our house all day and I love that Daisy can enjoy the outside view.

I am not a fan of Joey playing video games when Daisy is awake simply because he gets so zoned in and because as Daisy gets older it isn't what I want her watching. BUT, this particular moment was too cute. Daisy had just woken up from her nap and she was perfectly content to just sit in Joey's lap while he was playing his game. Daisy hates sitting still in people's laps 99% of the time and will never sit like this with me happily. So yah, I let them be...this time. lol

This was taken a handful of days back when Daisy was teething/sick and not sleeping for a week. She fell asleep in her exersaucer for the first time ever and I was so happy to see her finally sleeping. She had her pacifier smashed onto the side of her face. She looked pretty uncomfortable and I was tempted to wake her up but, what do I know. Babies fall asleep in the weirdest positions all the time!

Daisy loves to be in the kitchen with me but, I really can't let her play in the cabinets because we have breakable things in all of them. I discovered that our spices kept her entertained for quite a while but, she did figure out how to pop a couple of lids off...spilling chili powder and Cinnamon all over the floor. So it



  1. great pictures Casey! You are so capturing every day moments...I love the one with her in her saucer asleep, I tell you what, I want to eat her up!Wow, and her cupcakes...I hope she appreciates all the hard work her Momma is taking for her BIG day, hee, hee!

  2. You didn't like storm doors eh? You're right though...they are wonderful!

  3. Daisy is such a cutie! Sammy does the exact same thing with his bag of wipes--it can keep entertained for such a long time!

  4. Time goes by way to fast!! For me, once they turn one it goes by even faster!

    She is so cute!

    Your fireplace is so pretty!! and the cake looks yummy!

    I remeber Oceana would also fall asleep in her exersaucer. I had to take a home video of her sleeping in her saucer. =) too cute!

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. those are some of the sweetest pictures ever casey! Seriously, they are all about your day, so casual, but capture the essence. LOVE them...especially the one of her asleep in the the one sock on, one off and the pant leg rolled up all the way, etc...I can't wait to see her again! (and you of course)

  6. That baby girl is so precious!! And your photos are looking fab with that camera btw! PS that cake looked so yummy! Nice job:)

  7. I love the picture of her asleep in her cute!!

  8. Found your blog through From Here To Eternity! I love it! Your little girl is so adorable. That cake is awesome, but cupcakes are fabulous, too! She will have a great Birthday!

  9. What is up with babies and fireplaces?? It's like they know that they are sharp and hard and they can't keep themselves away.

    PS- that cake looks delicious and I hope you saved me a piece :-)

  10. Oh my Casey! Those pictures are too cute. I especially love the one of her little toes. I took pictures of my boys feet and toes at that age too. I remember thinking...someday they won't look so cute and chubby and I wanted to remember it :-) Great catch up!


  11. That cake looks delish!! Noah used to fall asleep like that all the his swing, in his bouncer. But putting him in a bed? Different story. Hehe.

  12. Thank you for making me smile during my work day! I love my Daisy breaks!! ;)


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