Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Part 2 - Celebrate

Daisy's first birthday is this Thursday so I'm not quite done with my Daisy blog overload for the week.....I will be posting her newborn pictures amongst others and doing a 12 month recap post on Thursday. Family, I know you are jumping up and down with excitement! hehe

Hmmm, I wonder if they would notice if I cracked this open and chugged it??

Grandma LOVES her Daisy and we miss Grandma...who just moved back to CA today!

Joey's Mom and Aunt Kathy were such a HUGE help preparing the food! Thank you so much ladies!!
We have been making a video of Daisy's first year to give to her someday. I made sure to get a little bit of her first birthday party. Daisy was already pooped before her party even started. Look at that face!
I LOVE my little girl SO much!!
Auntie Jess wasn't originally going to be able to make it but, I was SO glad that she did because Daisy LOVES her auntie and auntie took most of these pictures in this post so that I could focus on my little girl and enjoying her day! Thank you so much Jess!
Great Grandma Bailey and Granddad (not pictured...boo) came to celebrate too and spoiled Daisy as usual;0. Daisy is a very lucky little girl to have so many wonderful people in her life!
Our before present opening family picture
I loved this cute picture of Daisy's happy face opening her presents. She got a LOT of adorable clothes and some really awesome toys not to mention some presents in the mail from Lula and Grandpa Hart and Auntie Becca and Great Grandma and Grandpa Martinez!!! Thank you SO much too everyone who blessed our little girl for her first birthday! We appreciate all of you very much!
notice the tissue paper in Daisy's mouth. Paper is really all a kid needs to have a great time! haha...but, seriously though..paper can entertain Daisy for a while!
how stinking cute are these jammies!
Daisy really was SO worn out by the time it was over. Literally as soon as most of our guests went home around 2:30 I laid Daisy down for a nap and she konked out in seconds!
3 of the 4 pack babies were together for Daisy's party. We missed sweet Lila but, she was at a wedding party. This shot was too cute!
A little bit of apprehension at first...
And then she proceeded to eat the cupcake like this pretty much the entire time. She does not like having her hands messy but, I was wondering if she didn't realize she could touch it?? It really was a crack up!!
I was supposed to be just soaking up the moment but, I think I felt lost without some sort of a camera in my hand...screw it, next year I'm taking the pictures, who am I kidding!! hahaha
Daddy got in on the action with our slow cupcake eater and he ate his the same way, face first smashed into the cupcake. Daisy then proceeded to start eating DAddy's cupcake the same way. Very serious and very consistently. Too funny! She even ate some frosting off of Daddy's face!! hahaha
and then only at the very end did Daisy start to touch the cupcake because she could no longer pick it up with her mouth alone.
Daisy Love, your mommy and Daddy just want you to know that they LOVE you so much. You melt us...truly melt our hearts. We love hearing your goofy little laugh, seeing your animated expressions, playing chase with you around the ottoman in the living room, putting you to bed and night and letting you snuggle up on our shoulders, feeding you because it makes you so happy, showing you off in public, talking to you, kissing you a million times a day, giving you baths, teaching you new noises and on and on the list goes. We just adore you so much baby girl!!



  1. These are all such great pictures! I enjoyed the photos you posted yesterday as well. First birthdays are very special. :)

  2. I love that sweet little girl! Can't believe she is one (well, almost)! You look great too Casey!

  3. Now you should come to CA and do it all over again! LOL

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like you have an AWESOME time celebrating Daisy :)

  4. SUPER cute happy bday to your little D!!! LOVE YOUR DECOR!!!! That is so my style!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Looks like such a great day! :)

  6. I am totally in love with the balloon banner over Daisy's cupcake table! Where did you come up with that idea? Lila was so sad she couldn't be there for Daisy's party. We have the cutest gift for her next time we see you!

  7. i love the cupcake shot ;) and the tissue pom's never get old... we just made some for my daughters 15th birthday!!!!

    I still want to see a full shot of your hutch ;) You finished it yourself???


  8. So many great moments captured here! I LOVE how you decorated for her birthday--I may have to "borrow" an idea or two for Sammy's b-day in June! ;D

  9. Aw, such precious memories! So cute how Daisy ate that cupcake, slowly and consistently without her hands!

  10. Loved part 2! Your little Daisy is so stinking cute and such a gorgeous family, too!

  11. love it! polka dot theme - genius!

  12. These are adorable pics!!! I love the theme & decorations of the party & it looks like it all went just wonderfully!! And I'm like you - I want to enjoy, but also want pictures - but my BFF is a photographer & when she comes I relax b/c I know she'll let me have her pics!! My SIL always takes pics, too so I get some from her, too! I do take a few pics while we aren't doing gifts or cake, though!!

  13. I love the decorations and the pics are absolutely beautiful!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG GIRL!!!!!!! Happy "One Year As Parents" to you and Joey!!!

    The cupcake eating is hysterical! I think she has been learning from the dog! Thanks for sharing such beautiful moments!!

  14. I dont know who's dirtier Dadda or Daisy. So precious Happy Birthday to the little one.
    Write it in Lipstick

  15. How fun!! Daisy is lucky to have such a wonderful family!! It's so clear how much everyone loves and adores her! And so funny how she ate her cupcake!... Bennett smashed into his with his hands and didn't eat much of it at all. Babies are the best!!

  16. These are so great. Funny about her hands. Dustyn still doesn't like to get his hands messy, but he loves playing in the mud. He is so weird.

  17. Hi Casey-

    What adorable photos. They will become treasures for sure. I especially love the one where Daisy is holding her blankie and is plugged in to her pacifer. Too cute. My two daughters are both over 21 and still cherish their blankets. My eldest is in the Peace Corps and took it with her to Africa - a bit of comfort and security :)
    My best- Diane

  18. She;s the cutest thing ever!!!

  19. Oh goodness! These are too cute!! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time!! She is stinkin' adorable! I love your idea of making a video of her first year to give her one day. Wish I had thought of that two kids ago :O) Also, just wanted to let you know that the linky is up for the Quarterly Top 5 photos of your kiddo! Can't wait to see them!!

  20. SO CUTE. you did a great job with the party - everything looks beautiful, including your family. i love that you're in so many photos - wish i had made that happen too. i'm in a few from levi's, but only when i handed the camera to someone and said "do you mind taking our photo?" anyway, the party looks like a great success even if daisy was a little tired. i love the family pic of you three standing in front of pressies. like i started with... SO CUTE!

  21. your pictures are awesome!! i loved the cupcake eating & the pre-present family pic :)

  22. WAY CUTE!!! I'm glad Daisy had a good birthday. She is cracking me up with the cupcake pictures. And I love her face when you guys are opening gifts. What a joy!!!


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