Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project 31 - Day 22 and Day 23

Meet Momma Monroe or better yet Shirley Temple! You too can achieve this look with the lovely help of sponge curlers! lol. I envisioned long beautiful ringlets and instead got insanely bouncy curls that were uber short. I figured I might as well dress the part! Kinda fun. Broadway perhaps? lol

I am veering away from the given question for day 22 only because truth be told I am not exactly sure how to answer the question.

So my Day 22 Question is: What am I doing right now?

At this very moment I am blogging, sitting in my jammies on the couch, listening to my mini Dachshund crunching on her kibbles and all while watching American Idol. Karen Rodriguez just sang it it was UH-MAZING. She seems so genuine and comfortable not to mention beautiful, sweet and a what a great voice she has! I loved her. Did any of you watch her sing tonight? If so, what did you think? I started watching late so I haven't seen all of the singers but, she has been my favorite so far. I've never had cable so I really never followed American Idol and honestly it's no big deal if I miss a week but, it's fun to watch when I am home. I wish I could sing like that. Seriously, I can sing..but, NOTHING like that. lol It would be so fun to belt out a tune and hit crazy notes without shattering my bathroom window. hehe. Oh, and did I mention that I made some delicious brownies and am eating a couple with a nice cold glass of milk too! Good night for me not so good for my baby. Daisy had a 101.5 temperature when I laid her down for bed. She was tired and groggy and flushed. I gave her tylenol before I put her to sleep and when I felt her forehead a few minutes ago it felt cooler. Doctor visit for Daisy tomorrow. Poor boo boo.

Day 23 - What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

I am well aware of both my strengths and my weaknesses in my head but, putting them out there in a blog post is not an easy thing to do. I'll give this a go though. My weaknesses are my need for things to be scheduled all the time. I don't like things that get thrown at me without time to prepare or plan on them. I don't like last minute changes to a big plan. It stresses me out and can even make me angry at times. Sometimes I surprise myself and I am flexible but, I wish I was always flexible and I admire people who are! Another weakness is that I struggle with insecurities and I think they hold me back at times. I have overcome SO much but, this is still a work in progress. I don't like doubting myself or the gifts God has given me and I don't like feeling inadequate next to other people when we are all cherished by the King! I have a borderline phobia of public speaking. It terrifies me to be in front of people whether on a stage, in a small group, on camera, etc. I have been working to overcome this for years. Baby steps! lol

I think a strength of mine is that I am pretty even keeled and patient. I don't respond in anger very often (which has been a big asset in my marriage) and I try to process things quietly before responding so I communicate my thoughts as lovingly as possible even when I am frustrated. Mom, is this true about me? lol I love to encourage people. If I see someone struggling with confidence, feeling down, sick or whatever it is my hearts desire build them up with Godly counsel and support. Oddly enough I am not always great about encouraging myself..oh wait, that should have gone under my weaknesses, haha.

So yah, how bout we leave it at this for now:-)



  1. You are way too cute ma'am!!!! Love those curls!

  2. Love your hair, you look so cute!

    I am also terrified of public speaking and tomorrow at my church we are having our first moms group kick off, and I am one of the organisers so I have to speak tomorrow in front of all the mommies...I am so nervous! Keep me in your prayers that God will be speaking through me!

    Our time is different, so American Idol has not started yet. This year I havent been into it as much, I am like you I will watch it every now and then when i remember its on. I look forward to hearing Karen sing since you talk highly of her. ;)

    Have a good night! Hope little one feels much better tomorrow =)

  3. Maybe YOU should be a guest on great hair!! :)

  4. I just caught the last little part of Karens performance but the judges seemed really happy with her!!! I like her:) Public Speaking..Uh HUH! Me too! Impossible.....

  5. YOU are just as cute as they come!

  6. I wish I was a little slower to anger not so quick to speak my mind. This for you is a great asset for a marriage for sure. I just love you Casey, you are a beautiful woman, Momma, and friend, I see it thru your writing all of the time.

    Hope Daisy girl is ok!

  7. You are absolutely adorable - I love the curls and I think we have a lot in common with our strengths and particular, the older I get, the more I like a plan and I can go nuts if too much changes at the last minute (very few people will ever see this side of me because I like to appear cool calm and collected). The hubs says he'd like to be more spontaneous but the idea scares me!

  8. you are too cute! Love the curls...must be fun to get dressed up!! I think you are pretty flexible, very reasonable person! And I think this blog is a great way for you to conquer your fear of being in front of others!

    Hope Daisy feels better, let me know what is wrong!

  9. Totally adorable curls! I have similar weaknesses - inadequate feelings, dislike changes in plans, etc. Ironically, I don't mind change at all - the bigger the better. But when it comes to day to day stuff, I like my system and routine. No changes please!

  10. Your hair is great! You just need some red lipstick and a 1950's dress :-) Sounds like you have the temperment to be the best kind of mother.


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