Monday, April 18, 2011

12 Month Beauty

12 month little love with her face all covered in crumbs and just as happy as can be!
And after our photo session we visited Daddy at his work. Daisy made Daddy's day.
12 month Stats (way behind...bad mommy)
At Daisy's check up last week she weighed 19 pounds 1 ounce
and was 29.3 inches long
Head circumference was 45.2 cm
Goes to bed at 7:30 (ish) and wakes up at 6:30 (ish)
Not a day goes by that I don't thank God that Daisy sleeps through the night now! lol
Is going through an extra, super clingy mommy phase..just in the past week or so
Wants me to hold her a lot
But she is also good at playing by herself if she is in a good mood
Has 13 teeth and is currently cutting AGAIN!!!
INSANE how many teeth she has and how endless her teething pain is
Takes a few steps every day hands fress but still...not walking
Has learned how to hold and use a sippy cup!! Big girl!
She drinks to 6 ounce sippy cups a day
It was NOT a hard transition to the sippy cup at all though I did have to teach her how to use the sippy cup for about a month before I relied on it for a feeding. Patience is key!
And I nurse her twice a day also...weaning off completely in the next month or two.
Loves her pacifier and blankie
Has a slight reddish tint to her hair. She didn't get that from me or Joey
Her eyes are not completely brown. They are more hazel brown..with flecks of green and gold Very pretty eyes!
Loves doggies
Loves to be asked "where is your belly" or "where is my belly"
She will lift up her shirt and grab her belly or lift up my shirt and pinch my belly button
Says bye and hi all the time while waving. Darling.
Eats just about whatever I eat, minus uncooked veggies
Loves to clap
Throws one year old tantrums and flings back
I haven't quite decided how to address this yet so currently I ignore her
Hates having her diaper changed because she hates being laid down
Loves being naked and crawls a lot faster when she is. So funny!
Empties everything...drawers, baskets, buckets etc. A big mess for momma.
Gives great kisses and especially loves to kiss me when I am feeding her my snacks..her happy time
likes when I chase her or gently wrestle with her.
Loves playing "where's Daisy?" I can get a good laugh out of her when we play this
Interacts really well with other kids

I love you my sweet angel baby! Thank you for the most beautiful year of my life.
xoxo - Mommy



  1. so cute! getting ready to drive, i see ;)

  2. Such a cutie - I love the two wider angles on the picnic blanket.

  3. She is so pretty!!! Those 1 year tantrums are crazy, right?? I try to ignore Bennett when he has them. I think it's the best thing to do at this point? ha ha

  4. she's so adorable. my little loves playing with mommy's keys :) I really love the picture of Daisy visiting her daddy at work! :) so cute!! I'm SO looking forward to the night my girl sleeps through... she's up ALL the time!! haha!!

  5. Casey, you guys made the prettiest little girl ever! Her hair is getting long!:) Love that kid!!

  6. Wow alot of teeth!! My baby only has 7! I see she loves to play with keys! So does Kaela:) I think it's so cool that they are so close in age!!

  7. Your pics are always soooo good!!! Daisy is just a doll baby!!!

  8. She is just absolutely beautiful and those pictures truly capture it! Gorgeous!

    And tantrums... oh the tantrums...

  9. oh, those pictures melt my heart! so sweet! it went by fast didn't it?(love that your hubby is wearing converse. SO RAD!)

  10. She is so adorable! Sweet girl.

  11. You are probably going to cringe when I say this....but she is looking more like a little girl than a baby girl now. She is getting soooo BIG!

  12. Beautiful! She is such a happy baby! That's a sign of happy parenting :-)

  13. She's such a doll! I love her hair band--too cute!

  14. Such cute pictures as can see what a happy little girl she is!!!

  15. love the sweet little hands!! So crazy to think that in a few months, Dylan will hopefully be doing all those things too!! He'll be 8 months next week. :(

  16. She's such a doll, Casey! And, I love that headband.

  17. Love these photos. So adorable!

  18. What a doll! I LOVE her little headband! Too stinkin' cute!! Also, you mentioned shooting seniors...I think that could be so much fun! Maybe I need to ask my babysitter if she wants to go out and be a model for me :O)

  19. Those pictures are adorable! Love her headband too. She is just the cutest and growing up so fast.

  20. Every time you post pics, she looks more and more grown up! Stop it!!!! Just kidding. She is transforming into a beautiful young lady before our very eyes!!!!

  21. Awh! She's growing up so fast. A flash forward she will be grabbing those keys and actually heading to the car. Yikes!
    She is so cute!

  22. These photos are absolutely amazing, love the first shot and all those little crumbs.

  23. Awwwwwww, hooray for a beautiful and healthy 12 month old! She is just adorable!!

  24. Aw, beautiful pics! She is too cute. Growing fast, she looks like a big girl in her daddy's lap :)


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