Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hubby Thursdays (y'all should link up)

I am linking up this week with Olga from Our Extraordinary Life the beautiful momma of 2 equally beautiful girls and with another on the way!  I am not good at weekly link ups...I barely remember to get my own hosted link up going each week but, I think Olga is amazing (visit her blog) and I think her link up is a very special one because it gives the hub's the recognition that they deserve in our blog world. As moms and women in the blog world we put a lot of emphasis on ourselves, on our needs and our wants and I think that is fantastic.  The beauty of the blog world is that it is a creative outlet for so many people to express themselves.  Being that my blog is about not just me but, my family I think it is important that I give my hubby the recognition that he deserves.  That being said, as often as I can I will link up with Olga and I encourage the rest of you to do the same if you ever want to brag about your awesome hubby.  Share a picture of you and your love (the one you loved before the kiddos came along and distracted the heck out of you. lol) 
Joey is AN AMAZING husband.  Yes, he is fighting the good fight with depression and anxiety right now but, even in the midst of all this he is still my prince.  Our seven year anniversary is SUNDAY!! We have been together for 11.5 years and married for 7 now!! Joey is such a hard worker, does ANYTHING I want him to do and bends over backwards to make me happy.  He loves me to pieces and that is one thing I have NEVER, ever doubted.  Here's to 70 more years baby!
(thanks to my sweet friend Elissa for snapping this really quick for us when we visited her last weekend!)



  1. Aw, that's so sweet! Congrats on 7 Years almost! :)

  2. that's sweet! You are a good wife, always building your man up...way to be a great wife Miss Casey!

  3. AWE!! CASEY!! You are so sweet!! Thank you so much for your sweet words (as always)! Your words couldnt have been anymore perfect on what hubby thursdays is all about. Thanks so much lady.


  4. PS LOVE the picture of you three!! and congrats for 7 years on Sunday!!! May God bless you guys with 70+ more years ;)

  5. Really sweet shot and happy anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary - this is such a cute picture of y'all!!!

    (we celebrate 7 years this year, too - so cool!)

  7. What a cute link up!! I think that all spouses need to brag on each other! I love seeing happily married couples!


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