Sunday, April 3, 2011

Checking Things Off Feels Good

The hubs and I took advantage of our amazing weather this weekend by going to a really affordable nursery and putting our tax return to good use...buying lots of plants for our backyard (which has had NUTHIN in it for the past 2 years)! While at the nursery I saw this neat display of bird feeders/nests and couldn't help but, snap a few pictures against the beautiful blue sky. I think these shots are kinda cool!
For kicks and giggles I edited this shot in BW as well. I like them both a lot! Which do you prefer?

How beautiful is the sky behind Daddy and Daisy! I LOVE this shot! I just wish I didn't cut my hubby's feet off in this shot but, the angle was tricky and I wasn't able to get them in. Boo. Bad photographer, bad.
While waiting in the car for Daddy to have the nursery workers load up a 400 pound maple tree I snapped a shot of my aviators. I was pleasantly surprised by this shot. I dig it!
The barn shot from my last post without the verse on top. Seriously, could those skies BE ANY bluer??
We have had a tiny, ugly stock light in our living room since we moved in 2 years ago. I have been on the prowl for a nice, affordable ceiling fan for a long time and finally found one at Home Depot this weekend. I was very happy with how well it transformed the one else would notice but, I certainly do! It will also cut our cooling costs a lot this Summer. Hooray for savings! lol

Another light we have needed is a bigger back patio light. The one we have shown was SO tiny and hardly put off any light when it was dark out. We bought two different lights and though the second one shown here is very nice we went with the first because it goes with the style of our home and yard more. Again, I have to brag about my husband really quick. All of these projects would sit around FOREVER if it were up to me to get them done. My hubby is an incredibly hard worker and a super sharp do it yourself-er. He has a lot of energy and loves projects so whatever I need done he does. What girl doesn't like that! I am blessed. No doubt about it!

Daisy LOVES her new water activity center that she got from her Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike. As soon as the weather is nice enough consistently we are going to move it outside and fill it up with water. She'll have so much fun! For now she is enjoying the cheerios that I stick in the different holes. hahaha
We finally took down the party decorations since Daisy's birthday was Thursday. I was sad to see everything go. It was so girly and cute in the house. Oh well, there is always next year and Daisy sure loved playing with everything that I took down!
The biggest thing we can check off is that we have really tackled our back yard landscape. We previously only had one maple tree out back and that was it! After this weekend, we picked out a lot of shrubs and plants and I designed our landscape and my awesome hubby did ALL the work..(.though I did have to sit on the maple tree at one point to hold it down...yah, I must weigh a lot..shhh). We have made some serious progress! I am thrilled...LOTS of pictures of this to come soon. Happy, busy, sunny weekend!! It feels SO good to check things off! YEAH!


  1. You guys had a very productive day - I'd love to replace some of our fixtures but Jeremy isn't so great at installation stuff (we had one break about a year ago in the process of being installed). Love all the photos!

  2. I love the color photo. That sky is gorgeous behind your hubby & Daisy. Yay for yard work. Can't wait to see photos. We did yard work today, but we still have soooo much work to do. Love that last photo. We still have a banner from Dustyn's party up. He got a water/sand table for his birthday can't wait to set it up outside.

  3. So do you take your camera EVERYWHERE you go?? I love all your shots! :)

  4. you should take before and after pics of your yard too!!

  5. I love these photos! So fun! And I LOOOOVE the string of photos on your fireplace! How cute is that!? :) I need something like that for my office area....

  6. nice shots and I'm loving the aviator shot I agree you really got a great shot there. Also I loved the fixture you chose for the patio it's gorgeous I so wish we could update ours. But we decided to use our tax refund to go to Maui. haha
    I remember how excited I was when we finally got around to doing our landscaping. You def had a productive weekend.

  7. Black and white photo lover here :-) How did you come up with a landscape design? I am so inept when it comes to plants. Maybe thats why are yard is grass, leaves and dirt...

  8. You did a lot! That is a nice ceiling fan and patio light. As always, beautiful pics - I would have though your hubby's feet got cut off was intentional artistic expression. I'm sad to see the party decorations come down too, they were so fun and tasteful!

  9. Congrats on getting stuff done!! I must be PMS-ing....the last pic made me tear! Damnit!

  10. The third photo from the top...oh mylanta, it's my favorite! Great shot of your aviators, too!

    I am so with you on the ceiling fan thing...we had a HIDEOUS builder's grade fan in our living room when we moved in. I finally convinced my hubby to replace it...thank goodness he, too, has champagne taste!...we found a gorgeous one at a local lighting store. I kid you not, it's the first thing people compliment us on when they come into the house!

  11. oh my goodness these are fantastic pictures!! Where did that sand/water table come from? It looks so cool!

  12. You have been very productive it sounds like - doesn't that feel great! And I like the home improvements you've done! Things like that make such a huge difference, don't they!

  13. Wow...those are some beautiful pictures!! The weather looks amazing. I love the ceiling fan...that will definitely make for a cooler summer!!

  14. I wish we were handier. You guys rock! I can't wait to see more pictures of the progress. And your little girl is adorable in her tutu!

  15. So many lovely photos of such a productive weekend! I love those bird feeders--if I only had a yard to put one in!

  16. Loving the sunglasses & the last shot. It is such a great feeling when you accomplish all those great things that make life a little easier or brighter :)


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