Monday, August 1, 2011

16 Months Old - My Little Princess

I think these might be my new favorite pictures of Daisy.  Ever.  Yesterday was Daisy's 16 month "birthday."  I don't care if her monthly pictures are taken on the correct date every month but, yesterday I got this wild hair of an idea to find a different setting and to actually take Daisy's 16 month pictures on her 16 month birthday.  What a novel idea!  It was raining off and on all day yesterday (thank you God for the LOVELY weather yesterday...seriously, it was the most amazing and cool day we have had in a couple of months!!) but, somehow we found this little window in the afternoon where it was only misting and we let Daisy run loose and walk all over this lake area.  She was in total Heaven! I wish you all could have seen her humongous smiles as she leaped, giggled and twirled her wand all over.  Easy entertainment too!  I went a bit more over the top with the editing than I normally would for these pictures but, I enjoyed the dramatic color pop for a change.  I will cherish these pictures forever!

Little Princess, at 16 months old you are in size 5 diapers, size 4 (almost 5) shoes, size 18 months (almost 24) clothes and you have 15.5 teeth...your last incisor has taken nearly 2 months to come has been sheer torture for you (and me..hehe).
You know how to speak a LOT of words such as: bug ( you do not like bugs at all...where did you get that from??? hmmmm) birduh, doggg, all done, uh oh, mommy, daddy, no (your favorite word hands down), nums (still your word of choice for food and snacks), upee (for up), hi (you scream hi and people over and over again...mommy gets a little embarrassed), bye (and you wave) and bee (for baby). There are more but, this really fried mom brain can't think of them right now.  Whew, these monthly stat reports are like a pop quiz for mommy!
You are  very smiley little girl and you have this super hilarious laugh that sounds like an evil cartoon character...I say this only in love because it is adorable but, I swear that is what you sound like.  You smile so big your eyes close and your nose always crinkles.  I LOVE when you smile Big!
You are VERY outgoing when mommy is around but, when mommy is not around you can sometimes be shy and a bit reserved.  I'm not sure what your personality will be like when you get older but, you are a sweet little girl all the time...a wild little girl also and you love to take sippy cups, pacifiers and toys away from your friends but, that is to be expected of a 16 month old:)  You are an amazing and loveable little girl!
You are finally learning to hold your finger up when we do and are starting to get that it goes along with the phrase, "you are one year old!"  We are very proud!  You also like to point at everything with that cute little pointer finger and you even stick it in my eye when I ask you where your eyes are. hehe You crack me up kiddo!
You were in princess Heaven with your crown, wand and tutu on.  You never tried to take anything off and you never let go of your wand.  I think it just might be time for some costumes and a dress up box...Christmas perhaps?? hehe
Have I told you lately that you have the cutest piggy toes and dipply hands ever?? Yes, like a million times a day.  I love your hands and feet! Soooo perfect!  I try not to nibble on your toes but, I usually do at least once a day only in love of course and you think it's hilarious. 
You LOVE to EXPLORE new places, new toys, plants, cars, stores even people.  You LOVE to see new things and walk around taking in new sights.  I would say walking in new places is your favorite activity right now.  I have taken you to the mall just to walk around with you and you couldn't be happier!  I will enjoy this while it lasts because I know before long you will be screaming when I don't buy you a toy each time we go out:)
You understand SO many things that I say that I can't even begin to write it all down.  I almost feel bad because you understand so much but, you still cannot communicate your responses back to me so things are very one sided and you get frustrated a lot...ummm, a lot, a lot.  You are in an all time high tantrum phase and you scream, sometimes bite and hit at my face when you are mad at me. (You never do this with Daddy yet by the way...why not?)  It is a tad exhausting for mommy but, I find that I can stay patient when I think of the fact that you simply cannot express what you want and you get mad when we cannot talk about things.  That is very understandable.  Soon enough little princess you will be talking a million miles a minute so I am enjoying this season as I know it will pass soon.
You can be very independent at times.  You prefer walking alone to holding my hand.  In fact you often get annoyed if I try to hold your hand when we are walking.  Makes me a tad sad but, hey it is who you are so I will let you be.  God has plans for your life and he made you special and perfect.  I love watching the little girl that he has made you to be and praying about the woman that you will become!
On the other hand, though you are independent you also want to make sure you can always see mommy or daddy out of the corner of your eye.  We give you the since of security that you need to feel safe to keep going on.  That makes us both feel special.  Sometimes you will surprise us and walk up to us and take our finger and pull us along where you want us to go.  Melts me like butter!

Daddy is your favorite man on the planet and you are his favorite little girl.  He can't stand when you cry and does just about anything to get you to stop.   He loves taking you on drives around the block and letting you steer and "drive."  I remember doing this with my Dad even to this day so I hope you too will have fond memories of driving with Daddy.  He loves you to pieces little in the picture below he is saving your wand as you had attempted to throw it into the lake through the slats in the fence.  He can't wait to take you fishing in a year or two!
You would have jumped through the fence if you were small enough.  lol.  You get very tired of being in one place for long.  You have never much cared for sitting still or playing with one toy for more than a few minutes.  You like to go, go, go non-stop..very much like your Daddy in that way.  You love going on play dates to other people's houses, going to the pool, the museums, parks and on walks....though liking the stroller less and less these days as it robs you of your independence.  boo.
I will say that you have never been a great sleeper but, now in this season you sleep about as good as a parent could ask for.  You go to bed between 7:30 and 8 and you wake up between 6 and 7 AM.  This week has been your best sleep in week ever because we bumped you down to one nap a day.  You are sleeping in until 7 each morning...praying that you continue this new pattern!! You nap now from 12-1ish...also praying that you learn to take a longer nap as it is the only one you get..and the only break mommy gets from you...nothing personal but, I really enjoy nap time (hence why this blog post is getting accomplished! thank you sweetie!).  You will understand when you are a mommy, I promise. hehe You always need your music on, blankie and poppy to sleep at night. Anyhoo, keep up the great sleeping baby girl!
You still do not like when mommy leaves you at all.  You cry just about every time I go somewhere and tend to not go to bed for other people at all.  you have gotten so much better though about getting over our absence and then playing with your sitters and having a good time.  I'm proud of you for making this progress!!  IT makes it so much easier for mommy and daddy to go out when we know you are having a good time too! Keep it up baby girl!
You love, love, love animals. I think we could go to the zoo every day but, it is too hot so we can't.  Sorry darlin':( You could watch youtube videos of bears all day long! On the other hand you are a little scared of animals when you see them in person.  I feel bad because we don't have any pets at home right now so you aren't growing up with one to get used to.  Maybe someday but, for now mommy and daddy are enjoying the pet free, it gives us more time to dote on you princess!!
You are a little girl through and through.  You love your purse that Aunt Kathy got you, you love your sunglasses and our cell phones.  You love dressing pretty and then mommy tells you to go show Daddy and you get so excited.  You are a doll...truly, you are an absolute doll!
You are a picky eater unfortunately.  You were doing great for a little while but, then you became more aware of colors and textures and now you say no to much of what I try to give you.  And you like to stash all your food in the pocket of your bib instead of eating it.  Last night I though you had eaten your chicken nuggets and was so proud and then I saw them all tucked up in your bib.  Well, at least you had fun putting them there:).  I am not a believer in forcing you to eat things you don't want so I just pray that I can teach you by example to enjoy things as you get older!  Chicken nuggets, cheese, juice, crackers, fruit, fruit, fruit and sometimes little bites of whatever dinner we are eating is about all I can get in you.  Good enough for now.

You have such a cute dainty little face.  Such a small, perfect nose, lips and beautiful almond brown eyes just like your Daddy.  You are beautiful Daisy and we pray that you always remember to glorify the Lord with your beauty and your talents.  Whatever God has given you is for you to give back to Him.  Bless His name with all that you are sweet angel...bless His name and you will be blessed!
You love to speed read through your books, especially your animal books.  I try to read your picture Bible with you every day and you love to flip to the page of baby Jesus in the manger.  You always give Jesus a kiss and it makes me very happy! I look forward to when you understand more about who Jesus is and how much He loves you! 

Dream big baby girl!  Listen to the voice of the Lord and let Him guide you all the days of your life.  Where He leads, follow.  We know you are in the best of care when we entrust you to Him.  We pray for strength, compassion, mercy, love, a servant's heart, courage, confidence and faith that doesn't waver for you little one.  May the Lord bless you all the days of your life!
I cannot express in words how much you mean to me and Daddy.  Your life has changed ours dramatically in the most perfect way.  You have deepened our understanding of love and sacrifice.  Thank you for being the most wonderful little girl.  Happy 16 months princess!


  1. Casey, these photos are fantastic! Daisy's vibrant personality is just bursting right out from the frames--I love each and every one but that last one is practically perfect. She's getting to be such a big girl and you guys are doing such a great job raising her! :D

  2. so cute!! and so much fun!! love the update!

  3. Oh these just might be my favorite pictures of her, too!! She is adorable, she sounds like such a sweet little girl. Wish her and Bennett could meet :) Happy 16 months Daisy!

  4. Your little one is soo adorable!!! My daughter is the same way with a stroller now. I tried to take her shopping on Friday...she sat in the stroller for 15-20min and then tried wiggling free she had, had enough. :)

  5. Oh how adorable! Happy 16th month birthday to Daisy!


  6. I LOVED reading this post Casey!! As I read I couldn't believe the similarities between our two girls in personality and development, Craziness! They are definatly all girl! I love these pictures of Daisy, she looks like she keeps pretty busy lookin all cute! Great job with the editing, love it:) xo

  7. These photos really are adorable - so sassy. We stayed inside all day because it was so messy, but I'm glad you found a dry moment to enjoy the cooler temps!

  8. what a fun post Casey and I love how you document so much about her...what a treat she will have looking back at this! The song playing is perfect too for this post:-) Daisy is a sweet heart and I see so much of you in her more and more...can't wait to see her next week! (and you of course!)

  9. Thank you for sharing. She is way too cute!!!

  10. My favorite pictures and post by you, if that's even possible. The pictures are gorgeous. Daisy is the cutest girl on the planet! I really really really want a girl! I love the outfit (well, and all of her outfits)! She is going to cherish this blog so much! You write things that I am thinking everyday as I watch Cooper grow, but I just don't write them down. I so need to. I always get inspired to be a better picture taker of my kids and blogger after I read yours. Happy 16 months Daisy!

  11. YES, I do believe these are my favorites! Her ankles, I always love her little rubber band ankles! She is a princess, so stinkin' cute I'm beside myself!!

  12. Oh my goodness! She is so darn cute!! AMAZING pics!


  13. What a wonderful post! And the photos are just amazing! Great job capturing her in all of her cuteness. Love the tutu and tiara. I need to start doing this for Max; documenting the little person he is at different ages. :) Blessings!

  14. Beautiful photos, Casey!
    Your little girl is so beautiful!!

    In our sea of love

  15. These photos are precious, love her little tutu.

  16. How precious! Just love it. :)

  17. Love these pictures! I feel like I really get a sense of who Daisy is from these shots and your descriptions.

    Take care. :)

  18. What gorgeous pictures, and an adorable post! It is so clear how much you dote on that beautiful babygirl!

    I added you to my blogroll by the way sweetie!

    Momma B & Babyboy

  19. She is just so beautiful! I showed Sam several of the photos saying, "Doesn't this remind you of Bennett?" I just love that D and B are so close in age, because it is fun to read of their similarities and differences.

    Your words to her are so sweet, kind and true.

  20. Oh, Casey - this is the sweetest thing I've read in a long time. Daisy is one lucky little girl to have a momma who appreciates her so much. I love that shot of D on the pier/boardwalk, where you see her entire little body and she looks so small in such a big world.

    Happy 16th month birthday, Daisy!

  21. She is soooo precious. I love these photos. Adorable! Wonderful job Casey.

  22. Such beautiful pictures!!!! She's growing up so fast! Can't believe how long (and beautiful) her hair is getting!!!!!

  23. OMG Casey- they are the cutest ones EVER! Love these photos of her. I think my favorite is the 4th one- with the mischievousness smile- almost like she's thinking "ha- I'm going to hit you with this wand later" :) LOVE IT. I am literally sitting here with a massive smile on my face. I should be baking birthday cakes & taking care of my own kids- but I am having too much fun reading about Daisy- sweet, adorable Daisy!

  24. What great documentation of your sweet little, growing girl. I love the crown, wand, and especially the tutu! :)

  25. Oh my! What a doll! I love all the different angles you choose to shoot these!! Good luck on your first wedding this weekend! I know I was TERRIFIED when I second shot my first wedding last year! I'll pray for peace and confidence for you :O) Can't wait to see some of your photos from the wedding as well as your progress photos!

  26. is that the most adorable outfit i've ever seen or what?
    also, these have to be the sweetest photos ever.

    why does it all have to pass by so quickly, huh?
    makes you want like... millions of kids or something, right?!

  27. What a doll she is! Seriously love the photos!!


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