Thursday, August 18, 2011

Momma In Focus - Busy

Happy almost Friday all!  We have been so busy lately so I apologize for the lack of posts and blog comments and I look forward to getting my groove back in a few more weeks.  Our house has pretty much had non-stop company since late June.  I have loved the distraction from the usual day to day routine and I have soaked up the adult interaction, the extra attention for Daisy and the little sight seeing trips here and there.  My sister and her husband are here this week and their departure will mark the end of our fun filled Summer of family visits.  I'm rather sad to see this chapter closing and it makes me appreciate skype that much more!  Yesterday we went to the lake and Daisy had a blast collecting rocks and putting them in her bucket and squishing sand between her fingers.  Today we went to a couple of museums and I let Daisy run around since I had already been to them.  She loved dancing to the music and talking on a fake phone that was hanging in the sports exhibit. 

I have a few more weeks of wedding photo editing ahead of me and then I hope to be visiting you all more often again!  I miss all of your creativity!

I love this picture with Auntie Anna. Daisy was being so silly!  Anna I miss you!

Daisy loves to honk honk my nose...kinda hurts but, it cracks me up!



  1. We have missed you, but keep doing life girl. We'll always be here. Plus, I love to hear of all the fun times you are having with your family, as I know you miss them dearly.

  2. How fun having so many visitors! Hope you enjoyed and Ashton also loves to honk my nose, ha ha!

  3. How cute! I'm with Amber - enjoy life. We'll still be here!

  4. Ha ha! Love it. Glad you are having fun with visitors.

  5. Oh I just love those. I barely had time to pick up the camera this week- let alone get in front of it & with the kids. After being in a garage that is 110 degrees for many hours moving & sorting boxes- yeah- it was not a time to be photographed :) Hoping this week will be better about schedules.

  6. What a fun time to have people coming to visit! You have definitely been missed, though!!

  7. These are precious! My Chloe likes to do that too and every time she does I think "Dang - I have to cut your nails!" How do their nails grow so quickly!!!


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