Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Rewards of Being a Photographer

There are so many things that I love about being a photographer!  I love the way a camera feels in my hands and the sound of the shutter snapping away as it captures memories.  I love bringing people out of their shells so that I can capture them looking comfortable, relaxed, smiling and having fun.  I love photographing people in new settings and in different lighting, which rejuvenates my creativity.  I love trying out new props, seeing the cute things that people wear for their sessions and I love the reward of hearing how much a client enjoys their photos.  I especially love going through my pictures after a session and picking out my favorites, editing them to my liking and then getting to stand back and admire my hard work.  (I can also critique my work to death too but...that is for a different post.)  lol.   

What are the rewards that make photography a joy for you?

I recently did a Senior portrait session for my youngest sister Anna, (directly below) when she flew in for a visit a few weeks ago.  I will always cherish these pictures because they will remind me of her company and the special time we got to share together.  They also capture this season of her life so well.  A season of transition from high school teen life to adult, college and career life.  A season of changing styles and growing confidence.  My sister radiates a natural beauty inside and out and I am so proud to be her sister and to get to watch her grow up into the amazing woman that she has become!

I also attached a couple of photos from the most recent wedding that I shot.  I love so many of the moments that were captured and I really want to save my favorites to share when I am done with them all so stay tuned! 

And lastly, I have also been editing pictures of my other younger sister Becca and her husband Tony who flew in this week for a quick visit.  I really haven't spent much time with them over the past few years since we have lived on opposite sides of the country.  Having them here and getting to chat, watch shows, let the guys fish while us gals get to act silly together is a priceless treat! These pictures will always remind me of their fun visit.  And I will miss them terribly!



  1. These are all so great Casey - it really is so wonderful to be able to capture moments like these. That really is one of my greatest joys.

  2. Great pictures! Love those pics of your Lil Sister. Hope you are doing great.

  3. Beautiful shots! I especially love the last one of your sister, it resonates with inner joy and a vibrant spirit.

  4. I am no photographer, but love to take pictures! I think it is so wonderful that we can capture moments and have them when we are older to remind us of all the magnificent times. The pictures are beautiful! I hope you are doing well. Have a great weekend!

    Mama Hen

  5. So many lovely photos--you're really so very talented! (Plus it helps that you have such a good-looking family around to photograph! :D)

  6. These are beautiful, Casey! I especially love that last one! I love having a camera in my hand too, although, I shoot mostly for myself and my memory book :)

    I couldnt' comment on your most recent post, but love that series of b&w photos. I guess I'll have to read back a bit and find out what happened to D. I missed a lot while I was on vacation!

  7. I love these Casey- I think what draws me to it all is capturing the beauty not only in those special moments- but in the every day ones too. The ones that you would have forgotten if it were not for the photo.

    I love the sound of the shutter too :)


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