Sunday, August 21, 2011

Separation Anxiety A Thing of the Past Perhaps?

I am so happy to share that today when my hubby and I dropped Daisy off at our churches nursery, marks the second official time that she hasn't broken into hysterics when we attempted to leave.  I set her by a big shelf of toys and her face lit up with a big smile and she immediately began playing.  I gave her a big kiss and walked out quickly to nothing but peace and quiet.  This is the first time in 16 months that leaving Daisy has been pain free for all of us and I have to say it is the most amazing feeling.  Some mom's never experience a child with separation anxiety and I often wonder if it is hard for them to relate to what it feels like for those of us whose hearts are worn ragged by it.  It is no fun at all.   I am not sure if this season is going to last but, I am sure soaking it up!!  I get to walk away without any stress, worry or sadness in my heart and it is such an incredibly peaceful feeling for me.  So, now I know how mom's feel who don't deal with separation anxiety...this is Heavenly!  I know she is having fun and it makes it so much easier to relax and enjoy my time wholeheartedly.  Thank you Lord this little step of progress! 

My little girl loves to climb into her toy basket and play.  I think it's so funny to see her body all squished inside the small basket and to see her happy as a clam pulling random toys out from under her hiney.  She is such a crack up! She found her toy phone and chatted on it for a while and that is when I ran and grabbed my camera to capture this silly memory.  The wicker basket directly next to her is full of my music CD's and she knows she isn't supposed to open it but, every now and then I will notice the lid is bulging and when I open it I usually find a toy or a sippy cup full of spoiled milk hiding underneath. hahahahahah Love being a mommy!

Daisy got this little purse from her Auntie and she loves to carry it around and stick odd little things inside.  For the longest time she was carrying around a plastic hamburger bun that our friends left her a few weeks ago...I guess my little girl prefers snacks to lip gloss! hehe
I couldn't resist snapping a self-portrait when I rented my new favorite lens 24-70mm.  The thing is SO beefy and heavy!! I loved it...oh, did I mention I am saving for it and hope to buy it in a few months??
Yup, I'm a dork.  Don't judge! You know you want to be a dork too:-) lol
We had some family over recently and I snapped a quick picture of everyone together.  I LOVE having a bunch of people over at my house.  I really thrive in a full house of fun and festivity!  So glad you all came over and wish we could get together all the time.
Daisy loves her Great Grandpa Bailey and even gave him kisses which is a big deal considering she doesn't like men very much right now. lol.  Great Grandpa is special!
Here is a little bit of a boo boo capture.  It doesn't really show the bruise on her forehead very well but, it shows her nose a little bit.  It was already on the mend at this point.  I'm so glad little people heal so quickly!

This particular day I put Daisy in some big girl velcro shoes, and a jacket because it was chilly in our house and for some reason she just looked so I should be sending her off to preschool or kindergarten.  It definitely made me realize that she isn't much of a baby anymore...she really is a toddler now and I still can't believe how fast these 16.5 months have gone!
Daisy and her Auntie Kathy who adores her to bits and pieces! 
Daisy and her Auntie Jess who also adores her to bits and pieces.  I'm so thankful that Daisy is so loved.  It blesses me so much to see others enjoying her and spoiling her:)
Aunt Kathy prepared Daisy a yummy lunch plate with lots of variety.  I realized that I seldom offer Daisy a plethora of snacks at one time and I think she really liked having options.  I just liked seeing so much color on her plate.  She ate a little of everything.  Seeing this picture is reminding me to feed her like this more often.  Plus you can see her little boo boos in this picture a little bit too.  I could kiss this little face a million times a day.