Monday, August 29, 2011

Her First Kitchen

I have been shopping on Craigslist for about a month now for a kitchen set for Daisy and I finally found one last week!  I wanted one that had a lot of fun things for her to do and when I saw this one I knew it was perfect.  It has a microwave, coffee maker, a serving window, cabinets, a phone, a talking stove and a sink and microwave that make noises.  I love the colors and it looks brand new but, it's actually 10 years old! Crazy huh.  Gotta love Craigslist.  For the first 2 days that we had the kitchen Daisy was fascinated and couldn't get enough of it.  The novelty has already worn off of course and now she really only wants to play with it if we join her or else she runs around eating fake food.  Personally I love playing in her kiddie kitchen.  Cooking is much easier than in my own kitchen (hehe) and the clean up is a piece of cake! Daisy loves when Daddy joins her at her kitchen too.  You will notice she even made a pretty silly face for my camera while she was playing.  She is such a crack up. 

Look at that uber cute cheese smile!  This picture cracks me up!

She loves to play with anything that mommy uses and oh how loud she is when she does! lol
We have been skyping a lot with family to stay connected.  Daisy enjoys saying hi...for a minute or two.
Her first morning with her kitchen.  She was so excited to wake up to this!!
I can't help it...I just love this picture, blur and all.  She was just so happy to be running around free after her bath!

Daisy is generally quite shy and reserved around all men but, my sister's husband Tony has a special charm that she really gravitated towards.  It was D's bedtime and she went to get a book and surprised us all by not bringing the book to me or to Becca but, walking up to Tony, leaning on him and grunting for him to pick her up while she shook the book at him.  She couldn't have been more content sitting with him and reading her bedtime story.  These two will make great parents someday!

Auntie Becca spoiled Daisy with some youtube Mother Goose club videos which are some of Daisy's favorites right now.  She watches them over and over again on a daily basis.  I need ear plugs! lol

I have a bit of a cold or flu or something this week which stinks but, I am about to wrap up my wedding editing by this weekend which is great!  So excited to share more of those images with all of you and also excited to have a little more time in the evening to visit your blogs again!! xoxo

Stay tuned for a 17 month post coming soon....



  1. SHe's really becoming quite the social butterfly. I'd like to see her putting those cooking skills to use!

  2. so adorable! I bet she will get lots of years out of that little kitchen! :)

  3. These pics are awesome! Caitlin's first kitchen set was a big hit too but not as big as her first baby with stroller and bottle! Too cute! Where did the red hair come from?? How cute!

  4. So cute!! I bet she'll enjoy that kitchen for a long time. Hope you feel better soon!! (Get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids :))

  5. SO cute! I love how excited she looks with her new kitchen! Her little nakey picture is the best! :)

  6. The picture of her running around naked is adorable! I love her little kitchen, too!

  7. She really is such a cutie. Little girls and kitchens and little boys with tool it.

  8. The kitchen is adorable! Gotta love it when you find a steal on craig's list. I'm sure she'll get hours and hours of use out of it! Why are kids so happy to be "free?" I have to coax my girls in to their clothes after bathtime. So funny!

    I hope you are feeling better!

  9. Oh man...this post makes me want to have a girl. She is so cute!

  10. What an awesome kitchen....looks like soo much fun!!! I wish I could get craigslist to work for me but it seems like something goes wrong every time I find something of interest. Ether the people never get back to me or I'll think they put something on hold for me just to find out they sold it minuets before we arrived to pick it up. Well I do hope you start feeling better soon!! I'm battling a cold or something this week too it's not fun.

  11. She has the most infectious smile Casey! Love it-

    We had a kitchen for the girls- they loved it for a long time. It wasn't until we moved & they had a smaller room- we had to give it away. It was like closing the book on a chapter I wasn't done with yet.

  12. Aw. I remember our first kitchen... we got it for Princess #1 on her 2nd birthday. She loved that thing!! We upgraded later to a bigger wooden one, and that's still in the girls' room and gets daily play! Such a fun toy!

  13. Awww. So fun that she got a kitchen. Too cute.


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