Saturday, September 17, 2011

Early Mornings

Me and my little gal went to Virginia for a few days to visit our good friends and had a blast!  Daisy loved her first beach experience and I loved the delicious iced coffees that Elissa made me every day (hehe) and I will share pictures soon.  So, back to early mornings...for whatever reason Daisy slept horribly the two nights we were gone. She was awake and babbling from as early as 3 AM on.  I really have no idea what the deal was.  I refused to get her out of bed that early and lucky for me she never cried but, she also wouldn't go back to sleep.  I was excited to let her sleep in her own bed last night and was hoping for a full night's sleep but, instead she woke up at 4 AM again this morning and babbled and sneezed from then on.  She is as perky as ever today (what the heck), not so much.  I marvel at how little sleep my daughter needs.  Since the day she was born she has been a relatively horrible sleeper and has needed a fraction of the sleep that most babies need. 

All that to say, I'm uber sleepy (and wish Elissa was here to make me an ice coffee!) but, I can't help but, smile at my little gal while she sits and watches Backyardigans for a few minutes.  She is who she is and there is no sense in getting frustrated about it.  Though I admit, I have prayed and asked God to make sure that the next baby that the stork brings, loves to sleep. lol 

Have all of your kids been great sleepers or have you also had a little one who never needed much?

I'm still pretty MIA from the blog world and I apologize for that.  I still have to do a photography post for the wedding I shot a month ago and I have a bridal session today though I think it might get rained out.  Tis the season to be busy. :-)  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  The temperature is not even breaking past the high 60's today which is crazy!! FALL IS HERE!!! Time to go shopping for warm clothes and shoes for my little gal.  Time for warm soups for dinner, uggs worn all day, sweaters and scarves and lots of tea and coffee!  YEAH! 

*[this little wooden chair was handmade by Daisy's Uncle Tony in California and Daisy just loves it]
*Corn on the cob is a new mega favorite with Daisy!
*I love that Daisy sits in her red kiddie chair with her blankie and poppy and watches her shows for about 10 minutes with her cute feet crossed.  It is so precious to watch her.
*Daisy is also learning how to hold a fork and spoon.  We have a ways to go but, she is making a little progress!