Saturday, September 3, 2011

Video Saturday

All of these are at least a month old if not older but, being that it is the weekend I wanted to give our families something to watch if they would like to see Daisy bean "live." 

This first video is a riot!  This was actually back in July and Daisy was on this kick of saying "momma" way too much but, it was too funny not to film.  I giggle the entire time I watch this video now.

This was taken on Daisy's 16 month birthday over a month ago.  She gives Daddy such a sweet little kiss and loved walking around with her wand and tutu on.  Our little Princess.

This was filmed a while ago also during my youngest sister's visit.  Daisy was sick pretty much her entire visit which was such a bummer but, we tried to have fun cooped up in the house as best as we could.  Glad I got a little video with auntie!

Who knew that a bathroom cabinet could give a child 30 minutes of play time?  I have since revoked this activity as it requires me to empty everything dangerous out, then to clean up the huge mess she makes with the safe items and then to put everything away again.  Not worth it anymore but, it was cute while it lasted:-) 

This was back when Daisy was having a great time stacking things, putting shapes in her box (she has gotten much better at a variety of activities like this but, now she gets bored faster.  We play guessing games with different objects in cups now too so I will have to film that soon.  She is a sharp cookie!

Happy Saturday everyone!  I am officially down to my last two days of editing for the wedding I shot.  I am so excited to wrap it up and move on to the next chapter! Woohoo! 



  1. He he. She is sooo precious! I miss her! Hopefully we can see each other again soon. Can't wait to see the wedding pictures.

  2. So, so, SO cute! She is just a doll.

  3. she is adorable! I love this stage so much! They discover so many things and make for great entertainment as well as a good workout :-)

  4. SO ADORABLE Casey!!!!!!! Love listening to her voice!!


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