Thursday, September 22, 2011

Momma In Focus - She Loves Bubbles

Daisy is obsessed with my bubble gum and me blowing bubbles for her.  She points at my box of gum and says bubble over and over again until I give in a chew on a piece simply to see her face light up with a big smile, to watch her lean her head back and her eyes get big as she waits for the bubble.  I love that little people are fascinated by the simplest things, because for them so much is brand new.  So much of what is taken for granted by us boring old folks is a magical experience for little ones.  I love reliving the joys of being a kid with my little girl!
(I couldn't help but, add the last non-related picture because my hubby caught a sweet cuddle moment between me and my princess.  She has become a bit more cuddly when she wakes up from naps and when she is tired.  She doesn't sit long but, long enough for me to smell her baby fresh hair and kiss her sweet little head.   Moments like these are priceless)

And now just for fun, I'm going to share the ABC's of me.  I've seen this going around on a lot of blogs lately and I really enjoy learning more about my fellow bloggers so now you can learn a little more about me...if yah want. lol

A. Age: 28.51/2....creeping towards 30 if yah get my drift
B. Bed size: Queen - and I totally have KING ENVY.  My hubby moves too much in his sleep....
C. Chore that you hate: Do I have to pick just one??  Because for me dishes and laundry are tied!
D. Dogs: Had a cute Dachshund dog named Dakota for a few years.  She was such a spit fire!
E. Essential start to your day: Ummm, a prayer in bed before my feet hit the floor...then coffee fo sho
F. Favorite color: GREEN..but, truthfully I'm kinda particular about the shade.
G. Gold or Silver: Silver though gold is making a bit of a comeback
H. Height: 5'8"  The ladies in my family are all quite tall
I. Instruments you play: acoustic guitar...not great though, just basic chord strumming
J. Job title: Work at home Mom - Photographer
K. Kids: 1 lively little gal...definitely hope to give her a sibling someday:-)
L. Live: North Carolina
M. Mother’s name: Lynne
N. Nicknames: Case, Quesadilla (thanks Dad)
O. Overnight hospital stays: Only to give birth
P. Pet peeves: bathroom and pantry doors being left open = disaster with toddler
Q. Quote from a movie:
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: Older bro (30) and two younger sisters (21 and 17)
U. Underwear: I'm a fan!
V. Vegetable you hate: ONION...unless cooked really well and then I can sorta tolerate them
W. What makes you run late: being a mom always makes me run late.  I used to be very punctual
X. X-Rays you’ve had: dental, kidney stones and 3 potential arm breaks
Y. Yummy food that you make: enchiladas, chili and family recipe burritos. Yum.
Z. Zoo animal: I'll say bears and lions because they are the most fun to see since you can't see them anywhere else.



  1. That 2nd photo it too much. I just love it. I need to blow some bubbles for B. I bet he would love them.

  2. This is just too cute! Little bubble gum girl! She is so cute and you are gorgeous! Enjoying your blog and these pictures!!!

  3. oh my word, those first two photos!

  4. LOVE the first photo!! You and daisy are just so beautiful together:) She sure loves her Momma doesn't she?! SO sweet... Love the ABC questions:)

  5. I love these pictures and that video! Adorable! What happened to your doggy? Hope you guys are well!

  6. Cute! What a creative way to learn more about you. Hope you have a fantastic weekend

  7. Love the pics!!!!!!!!! You didn't answer Q :) Love hearing more about you like that- I think I may take your lead & do this coming up soon.

  8. i love the bubble pictures! cool abc thing, you kinda made me want to do it too

  9. Ha ha!! Too cute! I loved learning more about you.

  10. That is so cute! I love it. xx

  11. Hi there, just discovered your blog and am now following.

    These are such awesome pictures. I really look forward to having some great memories with my own little girl. :) Have a good weekend.

    Sean Marie

  12. I love all of your photos!!! Oh and I LOVE the idea for the a-z, I'm SO going to do that soon, I've been seeing it on quite a few blogs here lately.

    Oh and ps, my favorite color is green and I'm pretty particular about the shade too :).

  13. These are precious!! I simply adore the relationship that y'all have with each other!!

  14. as always great pics... and I love the video too :)


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