Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Take a Leap

I was completely wowed the first time I watched this video.   The guy who filmed this is a brilliant dude in my opinion.  The way he captured the landscape, the angles, the perspectives, the lighting, the awe of the jump and the adrenaline rush each person had thereafter--it's just so awesome to watch and lemme tell yah, I watched it uh-lot! lol (and then I proceeded to watch a lot of  his other videos as well.  He's a talented guy!)

   I like to view just about everything I see and hear through my faith lens.  I am always trying to be open to what God might want to teach me or show me through anything and everything and since everything on the Earth is His after all it would make sense that He could use anything He wants to speak to us at anytime in order to draw us closer to Him.  Yes, that was a run on sentence and no, I don't care. ;-)

So as I watched this simple and awesome video I contemplated how it could relate to my faith.  I drew the simple conclusion that living a life for Christ is a lot like taking the daring and bold jump off of that rock.  If we are content to merely stand on the rock as a Christian in the safety and security of our own control we just might miss the amazing rush of a life that God is wanting to give to us.  He wants us to experience the fullness of life in His blessing.  He wants us to take a leap of faith and let him be the rope that holds us steady and keeps us safe from harm.  He wants us to be all in for Him.  Not half in or half out.  He wants us to trust HIM completely and not hold back.  He wants to take us on an adventure like no other but, we have to be willing to take that leap and let go of our control and our plans for our life.  In doing that we trust that God's plans are better for us than our own and that His ways are higher.  Just as these folks had the ride of their lives, I want the ride of my life to be with Jesus at the helm!  Where am I holding back?  In what areas of my life am I not surrendering control?  What am I afraid of that I need to hand over to Him?  Do I have any incorrect views of God that are hindering my growth with Him?  Do I trust Him fully?

YES!!!  Then....................take a leap and be refreshed in His glory!!!


  1. A bit new to your blog here, and I'm already in love with it! So I finally decided to post a comment. I love your love for God, and how you always put some Christian perspective in each post (then again, I've only read like three of your posts, but every one of them, you have). This video is so cool, I may be watching more videos of his as well. :)

  2. Sorry, forgot my blog address: http://www.livinlifeday-by-day.blogspot.com/ (Although I don't think you'll find mine as interesting as yours)

  3. Such an amazing video Casey! To do that swing would without a doubt require a whole lot of faith in Him!! I have to agree with you in regards to what you say about leaping off the rock and taking that bold leap of faith in Him. So often though we let our wants and needs stand in the way instead of giving up control and taking that leap. Thanks for the comments on my picture and the encouragement! When I read your posts I often think of your husband as well, and the common battle that we share with our health. I hope and pray for healing in him as well.

  4. that is the coolest thing! Would you really do it??!?! Thank you for the awesome post once again my friend:-)

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