Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hi, My Name is Casey and...

I'm addicted to green (the color).  Green bathroom. Green kitchen.  Green bedding.  Green clothes.  Green. Green. Green.

I have the thickest hair on planet Earth (Trust me. Every stylist I go to confirms it) 

Because I have such thick hair I RARELY ever get to curl it or style it because it takes a few hours.  I'm a mom...that kind of time doesn't exist. 

I am deathly afraid of public speaking--even in front of a group as small as 2 people.   

I love long showers...though I rarely get to take them.

All of my immediate family still lives out in California and I miss them terribly every single day even after living in North Carolina for over 4 years. 

No, I don't want to move back to California but, I wish more of my family lived close by

I met my husband when we were juniors in high school in a keyboarding class

I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunshine and the warm rays on my skin.  I would sit in the sun for hours a day if I had the time and if I was okay with getting cancer.

I do not make hasty decisions.  I can agonize over what curtains to put up in my living room for 4 years before forcing myself to just do it already.  

I am a deep thinker and an over analyzer.  I have to turn it off to be normal but, that natural tendency to think too much is always there.

I like to think of myself as cautious but, also brave (and my name means brave FYI).  I don't like to do foolish things but, I am willing to take a risk if I think it is worthwhile or if it might give someone a laugh. 

I was the only girl daring enough to jump off the highest waterfall peak when I was in the Dominican Republic.  See, I can be brave!  I'm not gonna lie, it hurt like the blazes when I hit the water though. lol

I would venture to say that I am a more serious person in that I don't laugh or cry much.  Wow. I should have just said that I'm dull because that is what that sentence sounds like.  Not dull--just not a very emotionally high or low person.  I'm pretty even-keeled. I can be silly at times though trust me!

Horror movies are a no-no for me.  They give me nightmares and make me afraid of the dark or being alone and I don't like being fearful.

I LOVE traveling.  I could easily spend a lifetime traveling the world and never tire of it. I love the sights, the history, the food, the people, the entire experience and I love photographing new places!

Creativity inspires me and moves me to no end.  I love, love, love interior design and the plethora of styles.  I love landscaping and yard design.  I love watching cooking shows and I marvel at the delicious meals people can create (I'm not remotely interested in cooking myself but, I thoroughly enjoy watching!).  I adore photography and I can appreciate just about any style, genre etc. 

Hoarding is definitely not an issue for me.  I veer towards the opposite spectrum.  I would consider myself as more of a passionate purger, much to my husband's dismay! lol.  I take great pleasure in getting rid of clutter and things that I have no use for.

I do not get stressed out easily but, the one thing that is almost always has a surefire way of stressing me out badly is being rushed or late for something.  I don't like being late and I don't like rushing!

I am not the most sentimental person.  This is not to say that there is nothing that I am sentimental about but, that those things are very, very few.  Again, my husband and I differ in this area.

Photographs are very sentimental to me.  Perhaps it is because I have a horrible memory and they help me to remember moments that I would otherwise forget.  Perhaps it is because I am a photographer.  Regardless, I cherish every picture of my daughter and of my husband and I over the years.

After grabbing my daughter (and my husband if he needed grabbing:), our pictures would be the 2nd thing that I would grab if our house was burning down.  The rest of the house could burn (though it would be a horrible, horrible bummer!!) but, at least if I had my pictures I would feel like the memories were not lost forever.

I am a very empathetic person and I live to listen to and encourage others.  It is probably the most rewarding thing in the world for me and it is how I give.

I am in the midst of one of the longest and hardest seasons of my life.  It has repressed my energy to encourage tremendously.  99% of my energy goes into trying to encourage my husband and myself (as horrible as that sounds).  I look forward to the day that this season has passed and I can get back into the encouragement ministry! 

I wish women in general were easier to get to know.  I wish they were less guarded and less dramatic.  It would be really awesome if women were as laid back as dudes...sort of. 

I hate cliques.  I thought that silliness would end with high school but, in fact it endures well into adulthood.  If I am ever a part of one and don't realize it please slap me. 

I don't compete amongst friends.  If drama kicks in...I kick out. 

I am not a competitive person and truthfully really competitive people can overwhelm me with their constant need to walk over others to get or do what they want. 

I am a lover...not a fighter

Solitude is joyous for me. I recharge in my alone time and I am better able to hear the Lord speak in those quiet times.

Christian music is definitely my preference.  It's not that Christian music is the most talented on the market but, the lyrics build up my faith, encourage me, challenge me and grow me as a Christian. I like to invest my precious free time in things that help me grow and I also don't want my daughter listening to songs about sex, drugs, drinking and more sex.

 I also like Metallica (shocking, I know!), classic rock, pop, some rap, folk and jazz (love smooth jazz--Kenny G).  I am NOT a country music fan, though I can enjoy a handful of songs. 

On the personality tests I always score 50/50 for introvert/extrovert though I honestly feel that I veer more towards being an introvert on the inside and a forced extrovert on the outside.   

Being cold is a miserable feeling.  

Snakes don't bother me at all but, please don't ever get me a spider for my birthday or I just might have to kill you.  

Sushi is my favorite food on planet Earth.  Next would be a tie between Mexican food and a good steak depending on my mood.

I believe in living in the moment as much as you can because the moment at hand is the only moment you are guaranteed!

Being a mom is probably the most rewarding gift I've been given.  Thank you Jesus! I adore my daughter and would give my life for her in an instant.  On the other hand, motherhood has many moments of being overwhelming or boring for me, because of the monotony and the restrictions.  As I get older though and learn to embrace that life is not about me, I am learning to embrace the blahs and the borings of motherhood as well.  

I am 5'8" tall

I love watching Gladiator and war movies but, since having a child I cannot stomach them quite like I used to.  I really want to see act of valor! 

I have always loved to dance (not skilled dancing just groovin' for fun). My hubby and I both love it but, we really don't have too many opportunities to dance these days.  

I generally choose fruit desserts or sour candy over a chocolate dessert.  I've always been that way.  Don't get me wrong...there are some moments in every month that absolutely demand chocolate if you get my drift. (wink)

I am not the most confident person and I could easily nitpick myself to death if I allowed it but, as I get older I learn to look in the mirror less, not allow myself to be as critical of myself and to enjoy life more. I realize that I'm only getting older and I need to embrace all that I am but, it is a process for sure.

Exercise is not something that I enjoy.  I do try to get a little something in at least once or twice a week and I wish it was more often than that.

I HEART thunder and lightening and the spring rainstorms on the east coast.  LOVE them!!

I believe in Jesus with all my heart.  He is as real as the air I breath and His hand has always been guiding my life.  I love reading the bible.  It's my road map for life!


  1. This was really fun reading all of these and getting to you know you better!!! I'm jealous of your thick hair. Mine is SO super thin... ugh. And don't worry - you're not the only one that doesn't enjoy exercise :)

  2. I love reading more about you!! And I'm continuing to pray for you!

  3. I knew I liked you. We have many of the sameness to us. I'm not sure about the sushi part. But you know? I don't think I've really had the opportunity to really eat good sushi so I guess I don't have an opinion about that. I remember the days of loving 'mothering' but then the boringness too. I love sunshine too. Eat it up for me while I sit in the rain over here in Washington would ya? I miss my family too. Why does the Lord spread families all over the continent at times? I guess He uses us where we are the most useful over keeping family in touching distance. All my sis's and parents everyone of us live in different states at the moment. CRAZY! I love hearing so much of what you wrote here. I wish we were closer. But I will take what I can get, love this Casey!

  4. I love learning new things about friends, even better when I think I already know them super well ;-) Still praying for God's healing and mercy to bring your family through to the next steps in your life!

  5. So much fun learning new things!

  6. This is a great post! I bet you miss your family a lot. Having thick hair is a fabulous thing! I have thick hair too and my sister has fine fair that she can't do as much with. I can't watch icky movies either - never could and never will. I like Hallmark movies. I agree with your love for pictures. This is such a wonderful post my friend! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  7. I really enjoyed reading and learning more about you. I think if we ever met in person I'd have to make sure I was wearing heals...hehe I'm only 5 foot, I've always wished I was more your height thought. I love thunderstorms too except when the knock out the power at night. :) Praying God continues to guide you and strengths you and your family as you move threw this season of your life(s). He is faithful!

  8. Passionate purger. Well said. I am also one of those. It just feels good to get rid of stuff!!!

    Loved getting to know more about you :)

    Brandy Jane Mabel

  9. Casey - What fun this was to read! We have very similar personalities...I too am an overthinker, analyzer and sometimes its really a hinderance that I don't just SPEAK MY MIND. I have to stop and think about it and make sure my response is appropriate and sometimes that is such a disservice (especially in my situation). I'm working on it though. And, my friend, although you may not realize it, you are still doing a wonderful work in encouraging and uplifting others. This season will pass eventually....The good times and the bad times never last forever!

  10. I loved reading more about you!

  11. Oh Casey....i love this post and i have to say that we have soooo much in common. I don't know where to start but i hate speaking in public too...I love the spring and summer weather....and of course the thunder and lightening (i already loved it when i was a kid....i always laid in the bathtub and enjoyed tha sound and lights ;)) !!And we have the same opinion when it comes to cliques or drama with friends. I never had much female friends i was more the boyish kind of girl..playing in the wood and playing soccer. I hated this whole "what brand are your wearing?" and "i don't want to play with you bc your hair looks ugly" thing.
    Well i could go on and on and i would find more and more thing we're having in common. It's sad that you're living so far away...i think we would get along pretty good ;)

  12. I love reading this about you Casey!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! So many similarities- makes me smile & wish you were still in CA so I would have a better chance of meeting you one day.


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