Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Doesn't Kill Yah Makes Yah Stronger!

* Wednesday night I was just fine and had been running around the house with my munchkin and laughing with my sister Jess.  No more than an hour later as I sat down to watch American Idol I was struck with the most intense wave of nausea and then my kidneys started aching so badly I fell to the floor in a ball of misery and pathetic-ness (my new word) and then proceeded to roll around from 8 PM until 2 AM.  It was hands down the worst pain ever next to labor and in fact I would not hesitate to compare it to severe labor pain.  I've had a kidney stone in the past but, I have never experienced any severe pain when they have tried to pass, maybe just a mild or dull ache in my kidney area.  This was a nightmare.  I would get maybe 5 minutes of relief and then a new wave of pain and nausea would cripple me again.  Talking hurt, breathing hurt, moving hurt but, not moving hurt too...awful, awful.  My husband truly was a super hubby and he took great care of me which was such a blessing because I was worthless.  He got me snacks, water, pain pills (which didn't help), and checked on me frequently.  It wasn't until I had a heat pack on my stomach and on my kidneys (thanks for the suggestion Gram!) that I got a tiny bit of relief (at 2AM)...that and eating crackers helped for some reason.  It's been a rough week to say the least.  So, all that to say that I will never again bash a guy if he wants to compare kidney stone pain to labor pain....ladies trust me when I say, it's true.  It really is that painful if the stones are large or are having trouble passing.  God forbid but, if there ever is a next time, I will go to the hospital immediately instead of trying to be my usual anti-hospital self and I will ask them to zap the suckers out.  I did get to the doc. a few days later and they prescribed me nausea meds which I haven't taken and they also said that the stone or stones may not have passed yet.  Fun times.  And I know I've said it before but, can I just say again how being really ill and being a mommy just don't mix.  Sigh.  Have you ever had a bad experience with kidney stones?

-(in reference to the pictures below) One of my favorite crock pot meals is a slightly modified chili recipe that a friend gave me.  It calls for beer, chocolate syrup and a variety of seasonings along with kidney, black and white beans and I also add corn and hamburger.  I usually simmer my chili on low for about 6 hours in the crock pot and then serve it with a boat load of shredded cheese and sour cream.  Extra healthy!  Anyways, Daisy LOVES my chili and we ate it for every lunch and dinner for nearly 3 days straight.  She would eat her entire bowl and then ask for kid likes to eat.  She has gotten so good about feeding herself too.  She makes little messes and I assist her occasionally of course but, I am really impressed with her accuracy!  We were having such a great time together at the table this particular night.
*In other news my hubby and I had a nice long chat today and a great time of prayer afterwards.  I am always, always so thankful for those times that we share together even when the things we have to discuss aren't a bed of roses.  I love communication and I love when communication is carried out in a respectful manner so that each person can come away feeling loved and affirmed.  And prayer is always such a powerful way to close out a time of discussion.  It's a way of asking God's blessing over everything that was said and seeking His will in all of it.  I know that I will always have so much to work on and my hubby knows that he does too and it's so awesome to say to the Lord in prayer, "here's our mess God, please do with us what you will.  We are yours and we want to be more like you and we need more of you in us.  Grow us, teach us and don't ever let us settle when you want so much more for us."  Hey y'all...what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...and I am really feeling the Kelly Clarkson song that I attached to this post.  I'm not relating to this song in the sense that I am brooding over a guy issue but, this long and hard season of life for me and my hubby is making us stronger.  This song is my battle song to the devil if you will...."bring it devil cuz your efforts to hurt and break things are only making us stronger cuz we've got God on our side."

*My little girl is 23 months old!!  I just ordered some party supplies online last night and that helped me to get my butt in gear.  I am so out of sync this year and my brain is so out of sorts.  It's not like me to start planning a party with only a few weeks to spare.  Normal for some people sure, but so not normal for me.  I am a fan of planning (usually) and I love to have things ready as much in advance as possible because I don't like stressing or crunching at the last second.  It's just something that I have learned about myself and it helps me to lead a more peaceful life.  Anyhoo, we have moved on from an Elmo theme and now are shooting for a simple cowgirl theme inspired by Woody. lol

*I went on my first run in many years this week!!  If you missed reading in my earlier post, I am running in hopes that it will help me to combat my depression in a healthy and natural way and just to help me to feel more energized overall as I feel so tired all the time.  The first night that I ran I wasn't sure how I was going to do or feel but, as I stood on my porch stretching, the music that I had set on my hubby's ipod started cranking (awesome rock) and I swear I felt like someone kicked me in the butt off my porch and I took off sprinting...probably not the best way to start a first run and with me being so out of shape and all but, it felt great!  I ran a lot and felt energized when I got home.  It was SO worth it and then I woke up the next day feeling like a mack truck ran over my body.  HAHAHA!  Still worth it though.  Then of course the kidney stone drama a couple of days later messed things up but, I cannot wait to get back into it this week! I'll keep you posted on whether or not the running makes an impact on this noggin of mine.

So sorry for all the randomness in this post.....I will conclude by saying Hope you all have a wonderful new week!  Soak up every minute that life gives you even on the hard days.  Appreciate the little things.  Give extra love to those around you.  Forgive more.  Be patient.  Speak less and listen more.   Compliment a stranger.  Dance and sing like no one is watching!  What doesn't kill yah makes yah stronger so rock on!!  xoxo



  1. Yeah! Amen! This post just made me want to go for a run :) I fell in love with running a few years ago, then i quit running after getting pregnant and haven't really started up again.. but i so can't wait to go again!

    And so sorry for your awful kidney stone pain! I haven't ever experienced it, but after hearing that it can be compared to labor pain, know that i definitely never want to! Hope you continue to feel better!

    Those picture are great! You and your little lady are precious. You should post the chili recipe sometime :)


  2. Hope your feeling better! Kidney stones are awful having gone through that myself. I'll be saying a prayer for you. That little girl of yours is so cute! Any tips on getting my 5yr old to eat like her!! Family time at the table is so important to us as a family. Hope your having a great weekend!

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  4. oh, I am so sorry for your kidney stones, I have heard it is the WORST! I've had kidney infection hit me like that BAM, just like that, and it is so painful! And NO, sick and being a Momma just do not mix, we can't just be sick!

    And Yahhhhhh, on your run, way to go girl! I do think it will help with your depression. I know for me, even my husband knows when I haven't had my run, it makes such a difference to get those endorphines movin'. Keep us up dated!

    Love that darling, and her appetite, hee hee!

  5. Girl...i am so sorry you had to experience all that pain with the kidney stone. My husband has had one before and I thought he was dying!!

    I love how strong your faith is and you are so right...the devil trembles when are feet hit the floor b/c he knows that we know HE IS DEFEATED!!!

    Good Job on the sure did motivate me when I was trying to run!!
    Hope you have an awesome week friend!!!

  6. Praying the kidney stones are all gone. Thankfully I have not had them. I am glad you and your hubby talked. I think that running should help. Praying for you all.

  7. As a veteran of 50 kidney stones, I can say that I absolutely agree with you. Kidney stone pain is worse than childbirth, and I have had 6 children. I have seen a renal specialist who told me that I must go to ER when I have renal colic and have a pain killing injection. This dilates the ureters and aids in passing the stone. Drinking lots of water is crucial in not only passing the stone but in avoiding a recurrence. Unfortunately once you have a kidney stone, you usually end up making more. My stones were analysed and were made up of calcium oxylate and uric acid. I now take Zyloprim which is also used for treating gout, a sister problem of kidney stone making. Perhaps a simple blood test for uric acid in the blood will show your levels to be high and a simple tablet at night can correct that. Is the pain moving down? Are you passing water into an old container and looking for the stone? If you find it, it should be taken to a lab for analysis to find out why you are making them. Honestly, as you know, it would be worth the trouble to avoid getting another one. BTW I have had 5 surgeries to remove impacted stones and the biggest I ever passed was half an inch in diameter. It took 5 long weeks to come out. I will check back to see how you are doing and in the meantime, I will praying for you. Blessings from Glenys in Australia.

  8. I'm not really a Kelly Clarkson fan, but this song really appeals to me!

  9. I am so sorry that you have to deal with kidney stones...a friend of mine has them regularly and they have to be removed every now and then ( 3-6 months ). This pain must be so heavy...omg!!! Love the picture sof you and the Daisy Boo...i love this little girl :)

  10. Oh Casey- I am so sorry you are going through all these things. I so wish I were closer to lend a hand & give you more than the virtual shoulder. If there is anything I can do from 3000 miles away- just say the word. Prayers heading your way!


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