Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cool Dude

Ever since Daisy was a baby, Joey and I would always say, "cool dude," whenever she put on our sunglasses. As a result, she thought that glasses were called "cool dude" for the longest time. She is just starting to call them glasses in the last few weeks (finally) but, she still has to say cool dude every time she puts them on. It's so cute!
Auntie gave Daisy this pink basket when she moved in and Daisy has learned that it makes a great stool.  She drags it wherever she wants to reach higher and with my assistance she is able to climb up and enjoy a different view.  The mirror in her room is too high for her to see herself without a stool and this has been one of her favorite places to drag the basket to.  On this particular occasion she seemed to really enjoy trying her glasses on and observing herself but, she also insisted on wearing her tutu!  She would look at herself and say Pinsha which for whatever reason is her annunciation of Princess.  I think I am the only one who knows what she is saying when that word comes out.  Anyways, It was beyond precious to me to watch her and listen to her babble to her reflection in the mirror.  I had to stay close so that she didn't bail off the edge of her basket so I figured it was a great photo opportunity and I am so glad I snapped these! 
Trying her sun glasses on her teddy bears

Exploring the other goodies on her dresser
Studying her reflection....this was too cute to watch.  And you will notice that she stands on her tip toes a lot even in shoes.  I heart when she does that!

Then we cruised outside to enjoy the sunshine for a bit.  Daisy brought her toothbrush out for some reason and now that toothbrush is buried in a pile of potting soil in our backyard.  New toothbrush coming right up.  Doesn't she look so happy!  Playing outside on a warm day is still one of her favorite things to do and mine too.
I don't know why but, I just love this last picture.  So carefree.  So happy. SO relaxed.  So silly.  So my Daisy!


  1. Beautiful photos Casey! Love the tippy toes! And the way she calls sunglasses "cool dude" reminds me of kaela, she calls snow "snowman" lol! This is a really cute post

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! What a great capture of everyday life and beautiful photos. Definitely made me smile. :)

  3. Precious! I reallllly love the photos of her putting the sunglasses on her teddybears.. so stinkin cute! Those tippy toes are the best too. xoxo

  4. very sweet casey...i love the tutu and all the girly things about her:-)

  5. How sweet! I love when the get on their tippy tip toes and reeeeeach for something. Great pics

  6. He he. She is sooooo adorable!!

  7. She is such a cute kid!! What is it with kids and sunglasses?? My daughter loves dressing up in her play clothes and often the tutu is a major player in all of that!!

  8. So great to see you tonight - man your little girl is a cutie. Those glasses are so Daisy! Beautiful light in these photos as well.


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