Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Share the Love

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to our friends and family!  I hope you all know how loved you are by us:-).  I am taking Daisy to meet up with her buddy Lila from the four pack this morning.  We are meeting at a library for story time, a Valentine craft and song.  I'm excited for her to get to do something new and for us to get to have a Mommy/daughter date.  I can't even begin to express how deep my love is for my little girl.  Every single day I am blessed infinitely by her priceless cartoon character laughter, her squeeze hugs and kisses, her incessant requests for "candeee," her adorable loud voice and chatter and the new little things she tackles.  Last night, my hubby, Daisy and I were hanging out in her room while she kicked a balloon at us and we pretended to be knocked over by it.  She was giggling uncontrollably (which is a rare thing!) and Joey and I were soaking it up.  Such a beautiful little moment for our family and one that I will cherish forever.  

Tonight I get to go on a date with Joey!!  My sister generously offered to watch Daisy (thank you so much Jess!).  We are long overdue for a date night so we are making it count by going out for a killer sushi dinner...our fave.  Love is a beautiful thing isn't it.  Nothing in all the world quite compares to it.  So, thankful for all the loves in my life! 

These pictures are far from being studio perfect but, my little one sure looked cute in her festive attire doncha think.  She was only too happy to sit for a minute with the promise of a candy.  I was unable to capture any pictures with a sharp focus because I was laughing the entire time (major camera shake)...and I'm not joking.  The faces she was making...the things she was doing all on her own.  I was like, "what is this kid doing?"  She was a riot.  So to conclude...from Daisy, my hubby and myself, 
"Happy Valentine's Day!"



  1. Great pics! Love the background and the one with the candy. Have a great night!

  2. Absolutely adorable!!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!! Enjoy your date tonight - I love sushi!! I hope y'all have a wonderful time together!

  3. Happy Valentines' Day! I hope you have a wonderful evening!
    Your posts bring a smile to my fave!

  4. your daughter is the perfect mix of you and joey- she is ADORABLE!! hope you have a lovely date night!!

  5. are you kidding me... I think they look perfect!!! I love what you do. You're so talented!

  6. Such adorable photos--Daisy is just too cute! I hope you and your hubby enjoyed your date night out! :D

  7. What a character she is! Her personality just shines so bright! Love the photos, Casey!

  8. These are too cute, and I'm loving her outfit! I think you did a great job!

  9. How ADORABLE Casey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She melts my heart every time!


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