Sunday, February 12, 2012

Toddler Life

Playing catch up.  Love this first shot.  My kid really kicks it sometimes when she is watching TV.  She is such a crack up.  The floor is always a strewn with toys these days so this shot captures our life quite perfectly.  My little one loves to watch TV when I let her (which we have cut back on).  Her latest fave is care bears!  I remember watching them as a kid so that is kinda special to me:).
This was Daisy's very first sunday school artwork that Daisy brought home toward the latter part of last year (see how far behind I am!).  When I picked her up in her class room she was holding her picture and I was SO GIDDY for her!!  It makes me happy to see that my little girl is learning simple bible stories already and bringing her art home.  I was honestly having a cloud nine mommy moment and this fish stayed on our fridge for a long time.  The simple things in life right.
Grandma Lulu and Grandpa Hart got Daisy this art easel for Christmas.  We both love to color on it and lately we have been working on the ABC's (not much progress yet), 1, 2, 3's etc.  Baby steps.
She has become a very impressive scribbler!
We also find that we have to hunt down our cell phones or Joey's watch a lot these days.  Daisy puts things in the most bizarre phone was gone nearly 12 hours this time and I only found it when I was going to bed and taking my shoes off to put away.  She had shoved my phone way back into my shoe wrack in my pitch dark closet.  Why she felt like leaving it there..I'll never know. What a riot kids are!! And yes, my phone is very cracked but, I just don't care enough to replace it.  It still works so it's good enough for me.  Though let's be honest..I'm holding out for the 4G Iphone that comes out this Summer:).
We are blessed to enjoy a couple of play dates every week.  Cute little Levi here is a regular play date buddy of Daisy's.  Being that I am a stay at home momma, I am really grateful that Daisy has other kids her age to play with to break up her day and then I get to enjoy the momma's company to break up my day. Win, Win!
Daisy and I both love eating sandwiches for lunch and I can get Daisy to eat a lot of veggies this way.  I mean she can really grub on sub sandwiches!!  I have even started buying her a kids meal at Subway and she can eat the entire kid sandwich.  You go girl!  She especially enjoys the pickles and cheese of course:).
We spend a lot of time at the dining room table throughout the day, both to eat (Daisy is out of her high chair and into the big girl booster now) and to play.  We play with play dough, color, craft, etc. at the table.  I can tell that Daisy feels like such a big girl at the big people table.  It's really cute!
My gal loves baths.  We dump her toys in the tub, sometimes play worship music on the ipod and hang out while she relaxes.   She seems to get dirtier more than usual these days and as a result she takes more baths than usual.  We don't mind though because the bath is a nice activity to wind down the night with and it passes some time.  She pulls the plug when she is done playing and helps clean up her toys out of habit now.  That is nice lemme tell yah.  Now if only I could get her to do this around the rest of the house! hehe
This is an older picture but, I love that I finally captured Daisy doing her leg stretches from the ottoman to the couch.  It's like she is trying to get a morning workout in while watching cartoons.  Love this kid!


  1. The photos of Daisy are so adorable. Lucy likes to hide my things (like my cell) in the weirdest places too but she's old enough now that she'll run and get them for me if I ask.

  2. Play dates are the best, aren't they? I don't know what I would do without our weekly Monday playdate down here--moms need breaks too! :D

  3. So many of these photos made me smile. What a sweetheart you have there.

  4. This is definitely life with a toddler. My dining room looks like your living room. My girls like to set up shop there with all of their toys...I can rarely see the actual table top!

    I'm holding out for the iphone too :)

  5. Awww. Such sweet photos.

  6. I'm catching up on your blog and enjoying all the pictures. Daisy is so cute!


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