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In case you don't know this about me already (shame on you because you should! lol), my favorite food is sushi! Growing up we had exchange students from Japan and they would take my family out to eat sushi but, I never could get in to it.  I think the idea of eating raw fish is a really hard thing for most people to overcome. 

 It wasn't until I met my hubby during my Junior year in high school that I realized that sushi was going to be a regular part of my life as long as he was a part of my life.  Joey took me out on a sushi date one night, fairly early into our relationship and he ordered me a simple sushi plate to try.  I stared at it for a while if I recall wishing that it would disappear.  Neither my brain or my stomach were excited but, I will always give food a chance at least once.  I made sure to drench it with soy sauce and then worked up the courage to stuff it in my trap.  My first thought was, "hey, that really wasn't so bad." Then I tried another piece and another and now nearly 12 years later, I am a full blown sushi addict lover.  I start to have bad withdrawals if I don't eat it at least once a month.  Ideally I'd like to be eating it once a week but, my wallet disagrees. 

I think sushi always looks so pretty on the plate when it is served, so of course I had to take some pictures:).  No, I don't ordinarily take my gigantic camera to restaurants but, one of my latest photography challenges (thanks to Ashley Sisk's Tutorial Tuesday) is to learn how to capture food.  It's not as easy as it sounds and I had to take a lot of pictures of the sushi from different angles before I was satisfied (sort of) enough to give my friend's their plates of sushi back.  They were both super kind and let me photograph their food before they ate it.  I have awesome friends. What can I say:). Plus I got to sit across from my friend and her adorable son Jackson while I grubbed.  He sat through our entire meal and was SUCH an angel.  My little girl would never have sat still for a meal like that when she was a baby, let alone now.  A great night out to say the least. Thanks ladies!

 What is your favorite food and do you also love sushi or heck no?


  1. I LOVE Sushi! We actually had some last night! Mr. Charming also took me out to sushi fairly early in our dating life ha. It's so delicious and now I want some more! haha

  2. How great that you overcame your fear! I love sushi (spicy tuna rolls). It's just a great meal to share and I like to thing it's healthy (sans all those great little dips they include).

  3. I LOVE sushi (eel is my fave, believe it or not!) but it's currently on my do not eat list due to the pregnancy and whatnot...but as soon as this baby arrives, I'm hitting up the nearest sushi place! :D

  4. This looks really good! Might just have to surprise my wife with a sushi dinner. When we first met we would go for sushi once or twice a week. Where we live now after getting married and moving back to her home town there aren't a lot of great sushi places. Last week though a great Japanese place just opened so it might just be on the menu for a date night tomorrow!

  5. My hubs & the two older kids love it. The youngest & I stay away from fish in general- so it's a mix in this house :)

  6. LOVE sushi!!! Unagi is actually my favorite!! I don't know what that is on the left, though - that looks like egg yolks on top - what is that one?

  7. Oh my goodness, this is making me crave sushi soooo bad right now! I never liked it (or rather tasted it) until my boyfriend took me for a sushi date on our very first date, much like your story. I had no choice but to get addicted!

  8. How I wish I liked sushi...especially since I live in Japan. Unfortunately, it is not something I like. However, there are a ton of other Japanese food that I LOVE!!!!

  9. We could be total friends! Sushi is my favorite food too. And same as you, we used to eat it regularly, but now that our two girls both also love it, our wallet cannot take it either. Recently though, my hubby and I have been going out for sushi lunch dates (while the girls are in school). It's a lot more affordable at lunchtime. :)

    I love the specialty rolls. That 2nd pic looks like one. What is that one? YUM! Give me a Volcano roll and a Christmas tree roll and I"m a happy camper.

    If you're interested in food photography, a good book to read is Plate to Pixel. It's on my wish list, but I have a friend who read it, fell in love, went to a workshop with the author and is now getting photo side jobs with a catering company. Not too shabby. :)


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