Monday, February 27, 2012

Print Your Blog and Save the Memories

Every year or so I like to get my blog printed.  There are so many pictures, stories and memories logged and it would be a shame for all of that time and effort to go to waste.  I now have three printed books and this one below just arrived last week. (Yeah!)  It is so much fun to look through my blog in printed form and to remember the things that I had already forgotten and just to see how much my little girl has grown!  Who knows, maybe someday our kids will enjoy reading through these books. 

 I like printing through blog2print because they keep the format the same as it appears on the blog and it really is effortless on my part.  They literally upload the blog to their site and let you modify a few little things and as easy as that, you can print your blog.  You can choose to print in hardcover, paperback or CD.  It isn't as cheap as I wish it was but, I really do feel like it is a purchase worth the cost because the memories that it preserves are priceless!  Do you make a point to have your blog printed periodically to preserve your memories?


  1. What an awesome idea! I didn't know this option was even out there!! :) The cover photo of your little Daisey is just adorable!

  2. Love this!! I totally want to do this!

  3. I've been thinking about doing this for Sammy's first year but I was unsure as to how the quality was--but now that I know it has your stamp of approval I think I'll try to do this before the next kiddo arrives! :D

  4. YES- I really really really need to do this!!!!!!!! Thank you for the reminder Casey!

  5. oooh yes i think i'm going to do this soon!!! thanks for the referral- i feel better about knowing how nice things will be! thanks!!!


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