Thursday, February 9, 2012


I haven't yet had the joy of having a son of my own (someday possibly!) but, these three boys are about as near and dear to me as if they were my own.  I have had such a blast watching all three of them grow up, seeing how different their personalities are and how different they look!  

These boys are always so sweet to give me and Daisy big hugs when we visit and they play so nicely with her.  In fact, the last time that we visited their family in Virginia last week, the boys (and momma) had picked out a princess dress up dress for Daisy as a gift.  Ironically it was such a blessing to me actually, because I had been wanting to get Daisy dress up clothes and hadn't been able to yet.  It was another one of those super sweet God moments for me, because only God knew that I had been secretly pining for a dress up dress for Daisy (she has a growing interest with princesses lately).  God put the idea in my friends head and she obediently gave His blessing.  Have I told you lately how much I love my God??  Have I told you lately how much I love my friend Elissa?? lol Anyways, back to my soon as we arrived the boys were so excited for Daisy to put on her Princess dress so that they could put on their super hero costumes and save the princess!  I almost melted when heard this.  This sweet family is raising their boys to treat girls like princesses and it shows.  I am so, so thankful for my friendship with this bunch.

 This is the oldest, Logan.  He will be FIVE in March (and he shares a birthday with his youngest brother!!).  I simply cannot believe that this kid is going to be five and starting Kindergarten this Fall.  If I feel old because of him I can only imagine how old his parents are feeling (hehehe).  I can credit this boy here for awaking my desire to be a mother! Thanks Logan for being so sweet!
 This is uber duber handsome Austin who will be 3 this month.  Daisy was especially fond of Austin's attention during our last visit. lol  I thoroughly enjoyed reading books with Austin curled up in my lap next to Daisy.  He also pretend cooked with her for an hour and was so patient and kind...a true gentleman if I do say so.  Austin, I adore you!
And this last little guy is the youngest, Everett.  He will be one in March on the same day as his biggest bro Logan turns 5.  How crazy that they share the same BD huh!  Anyhoo, I have only seen this guy a couple of times since he was born but, I adore him.  He gives great slobbery mouth kisses and butterfly kisses.  He has the neatest eyes (like his Momma) and he has such a determined spirit about him.  I can tell that he will give his older bros a run for their money someday! hahaha.  Loved getting my baby fix so thank you Everett for being so gosh dang cute! 


  1. Gorgeous little men!! Kudos to their parents for raising them to be such gentlemen. Inspiring!
    {And stunning photos too!!! You are brilliant!}

  2. Such beautiful boys! Your photos are so lovely!

  3. This is so cute, I have a friend who has two little girls and they come over and my boys just love it.The girls love it even more. This gives my boys the chance to be protectively real MEN and the girls a chance to play with cars and in dirt. It cracks me up. You can so see the difference right off the bat at a young age. Jordan, he will put his arm around Joy and be mister, 'I am in control, come play with me' attitude, it cracks me up!

    Very fun!

  4. You are too sweet and made me tear up! I love the "determined spirit" part. That was a very NICE way to put it:-) Those are some incredible photos and I will always cherish them!! Come back soon!

  5. Such cute boys, gorgeous eyes. I kind of hope we're having a boy this time but I would be okay with another girl too.

  6. How precious! Isn't it amazing how God knows our hearts desires, & cares even about the "little" things!?


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