Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh the Whining...

My kid has been whining since she was in the womb but, to make matters worse--what they say about the twos is true, at least for us it is. The whining has taken on a new level of wonder and awe.  It doesn't matter what I say or how I say it, an immediate fall to the floor tantrum ensues.  It also seems that my little girl kicks the tantrums into even higher gear the second my phone rings.  Can any of you relate to this? lol.  All I can say is thank God for closed we can put our children on one side and ourselves on the other when we are needing a 30 second ear break. Daisy also gets very mad at me and a lot.  That sounds great doesn't it.  She gets this wild look in her eyes when I have to tell her no (and for the record I really do try to keep no to a minimum but, it just can't be avoided) and she usually wants to hit me in the face or bite my shoulder if I am holding her.  I have yet to see her behave in this manner with anyone else so I suppose I will consider myself very lucky to receive such personal treatment from my daughter.

I am trying to teach Daisy how to express her anger in healthy ways because she is entitled to be frustrated but, let's face it...she is not entitled to hit me in the face.  In the meantime I also have to deal with a 24/7 job that comes with a boss who screams at me all day.  And to think that I thought the corporate 8-5 job was

Anyways, I know I sound like I am complaining but, I want you to know that I recognize that this is just a phase that all parent's (generally speaking) have to go through.  This is life and I know that someday the incessant whining will pass and just when that eases up, I will be in the tween "I'm smarter than you mom and dad so get a clue," phase. 

And to be fair, I also have to acknowledge that though 79% of our days are filled with "grate on a mom's sanity" whining, we also have 21% of our day left to fill with precious and priceless moments with our sweet little Daddy mini.  To preface the pictures:  Daisy LOVES her Daddy and he gets more kisses, nose bumps and hugs than anyone else at this time. *She has really been enjoying her window "stickers," especially when I sit right next to her and play along.  *We have at least a couple of play dates every week and Daisy always has such a great time running around and being silly with her friends. *Our winter has been so warm this year that Daisy has been able to go outside a lot and even with little clothing on.  This particular day she asked for the hose and she had such a blast as it had been a couple of months since she had last played in the water.  She was also determined to splash me but, I wasn't in the mood to be cold so we had to stop that. lol.  Soon after she was shivering and asking for a towel which she also enjoyed playing with.  And then a few days later it snowed...craziness.  It only stuck for a handful of hours--just long enough for Daisy to experience it for the first time!  She seemed to really enjoy it but, I wish we had more so we could build a snowman or sled a little:).  Next year perhaps! 

  Hope you all are having a wonderful week so far!  I am co-leading a mom's bible study with another mom at our church and that starts tonight.  Hoping that we are able to minister to and build up some of the momma's in this area.  If you think to, say a prayer for me because I have a horrible fear of public speaking of any kind even in a small group but, I am a HUGE believe in facing fears and not letting them rule your life.  This is one that I have continually forced myself to face for years and I have made a little progress but, I'd love to be free of it all together.  Baby steps right:).  Now off I go to soak up this last little window of quiet time while my darling naps.
Daisy enjoyed our one and only snow this winter and it lasted all of 1/2 a day before melting away


  1. First off, I had no idea your were co-leading this bible study! Yeah for you! I pray you are blessed beyond what you think would ever happen and that you enjoy meeting other women too:-) Second...yes whinning...if I had a penny for each time I heard that whiny voice! Just remember we do have 24/7 jobs, but WE are the bosses...not those whiny voices! Keep at it girl, you are a great momma and you will reap what you sow!

  2. Oh, yes, I understand the whiny voices!!! I'm a fan of closed doors too... but my children seem to wait until I'm actually ON the phone to start the whining- lol! :) Thankfully, it does get better when the realize that whining doesn't work!
    I'm praying that God would richly bless you & those women that you will be leading tonight!!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Oh man, I can totally understand your frustration! Sammy has only just recently started hitting to show his displeasure and it's something that I'm trying to nip in the bud now--if you come across the secret for getting these little ones to handle their anger in a more constructive manner, I'm all ears! :D

  4. Such sweet photos. I remember the whining stage with Dustyn. It was horrible and it bugged me to the core but I would give ANYTHING to hear Carsyn throw a temper tantrum like any other kid his age. I am enjoying his sweetness and cuddling.

    By the way I tagged you :)

  5. I totally know what you mean about the whining. Nate is exactly 2.5 and the whining has given way to full-blown tantrums at times, but I am also seeing him make choices at times to remain in control. So while there are definitely a lot of tough times, I am just appreciating that he does seem to be learning to maintain some self-control. Daisy is so cute.

  6. I"m not as good as I once was at reading an entire post, but I just love watching Miss Daisy grow!

  7. oh, i love those hose photos!! :)

    levi doesn't actually whine much, but he does have a very QUICK temper. he throws things and kicks things (mostly toys or whatever) and throws himself on the floor. it's very difficult to keep my cool. sometimes i find responding with silliness works really well. it catches him off guard and he can't help but giggle and smile. doesn't always work, but sometimes... ;) of course i'm also trying to teach him to respond appropriately and use self control, but in the heat of the moment, i know he's not very receptive to much teaching (in terms of instruction). he needs good modeling more than anything else. anyway HUGS. i know this stage is hard. right there with ya, friend!!

    i hope your bible study went well. good for you! no doubt you'll be great and will be such an awesome encouragement! you were made for this casey!!!!! x

  8. Hey Casey I came across this on pintrest awhile back. Maybe this tool would help?


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