Friday, September 18, 2009

What I crave or not- For all who are Curious:)

Pizza does nothing for me but, Joey could eat it every day of his life! :)
The one thing I absolutely cannot stand right now is Salad and most all vegetables. Unfortunate.
The one thing I crave most in the world and I CANNOT eat it....SUSHI>>>>
One sweet treat that I tend to overdue but, seems to settle the tummy a little Jollys!
My favorite food this pregnancy that I actually can eat and I have probably eaten at least 3 times a week since my 3rd week of pregnancy are sub sandwiches. I prefer them from Quiznos, FireHouse subs or Jersey Mike's. I think my body is trying to get the vegetable nutrients out of these sandwiches since salads and raw veggies make me gag. I'm sure these cravings and aversions will change constantly over the next 6.5 months but, so far they have remained very much the same for the past 13 weeks. Poor Joey could probably go the rest of his life without needing to eat another sub again. haha!


  1. sub sandwiches... yum! I wonder if there has ever been a pregnant woman out there that did NOT crave these delicious things!

  2. Yeah, when I'm pregnant, pizza sounds good anytime. Sorry about the sushi. Once you're able to eat it again, I say you let Joey's mom watch little Martinez while you and Joey have a romatic sushi dinner.

  3. you must have been hungry when you posted this! It sure is making me hungry! I have to say that the salad looks very appetizing to me! Subs are great and have lots of nutrients so enjoy them! I will make u a good one when you come visit!

  4. YAY! I love this post! What a great idea and I love all the pictures! Let me just say I cant wait to see you when I come out! 2 weeks from today we will be catching up! When we run to the store after I get to VA, I'll buy a bag of Jollies for you, I loved them too :)!

  5. I actually like reading these. I think it's interesting! I have been wanting to do this on my blog, for my own remembrance.
    I think you can have CA rolls? I have had a bunch of them this pregnacy....but I guess they don't consider it sushi...I do though (just cause they look like sushi), love them! Do you ever eat something once and then never want to think about it again? Isn't it so weird how much things change? Food (my favorite thing) becomes your worst enemy pretty much! What to eat today??? That becomes a constant question/battle! Glad you are getting those subs in though! Just a few more weeks and you should hopefully start to be able to add more items to your list of things you can tolerate! How are you feeling, by the way? Any better? Hope so!

  6. Ahhh pregenancy and food,oh the joy. All I ever wanted to eat when I was pregnant was Turkey Sandwiches (from Arbbys) mashed potatos, and fried eggs on toast. I did eat other stuff, but those were my cravings, with random one timers. But the one thing I could not eat for the whole nine months, was pasta sause. Anything that had tomatoes in would make me soooo sick. As soon as I had Kellen I was able to eat pizza, pasta, and tomatos in any kind of form. And the thing with susi is that they don't want you to eat raw fish. Most of the time, CA Roll are made with imatation crab. And crad is cooked, obviously. So, I eat CA rolls when ever, so I think you will be fine. But your the mommy, you do what you feel us right.

  7. Funny! Ya know - enjoy it while ya can. I don't have an excuse for not eating enough veggies - you do!! And I guess be thankful it's subs you like right now and not a half gallon of ice cream, right?


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