Monday, September 7, 2009

My sister's wedding Part 1

Joey and I flew out to California this past Wednesday for my sister Becca's wedding to her high school sweat heart Tony. Wednesday was a long day to say the least. We got up at 3:30AM had an average flight which is enough to make me sicker than a dog:) and Joey got to eat at his favorite Cali pit stop, Zancous (Lebanese food in LA). After that we drove to El Tecolote, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Camarillo and I picked up two tostadas to go and we headed over to Joey's Grandma and Papa's house to visit. We had a great visit with Joey's Grandparents. It had been 9 months since we had seen them last and it was so good to catch up! His Grandma is the best hostess ever and always serves us all kinds of goodies while we sit around and chat: Ice cream, sodas, fresh watermellon and plumbs!! Delicious!! My tostadas from El Tecolote were just as incredible and mouth watering as I had imagined them over the past 9 months. I seriously am salivating right now just thinking about how amazing they were!! Can't wait to eat another one!!! After spending a couple of hours with the Grandparents we headed over to our good friends Ben and Melissa's new house and spent the rest of the evening catching up with them and their two precious children. I have a few pictures from that visit that I will post soon. Thank you Ben and Melissa for having us over and for that delicious dinner!! It was such a treat to see you guys and your home is lovely. At the end of the evening Joey and I headed over to my Grandma's house to crash. Gram and Great Aunt Sue were sitting outside and we chatted with them for a few minutes before collapsing upstairs in bed. WHEW! Joey got up at 4 AM as he had to be at work at 5 AM both Thursday and Friday and I woke up at 6 AM probably due to the time change. We definitely didn't quite catch up on sleep that day. lol. I got to chat with my Grandma and Aunt Sue again for a bit as I waited for my Dad to pick me up and drive me back to Lebec with him. He got to the house around 10:30 and then we headed over to El Tecolote again to grab a couple more tostadas before my window of opportunity closed. We both devoured them:). I had a great drive up to Lebec with my Dad and chatted the whole time. And then the wedding festivities began:). Pretty soon after I got to my parents house, my mom, Anna, Becca and I headed down to Bakersfield to get our nails done. I hadn't had my nails done since my wedding so I very much enjoyed getting beautified with my family and Abby, Becca's now sister in-law. After nails we went to Wal-Mart and picked up a bunch of yellow flowers to be the centerpieces on the tables at the reception, stopped at Payless Shoes to get the bridesmaid shoes, grabbed a quick bite of dinner to go and then headed home. I had the honor of sharing a room with the bride to be so we got to chat until late in the evening until we both pretty much fell asleep mid sentence from exhaustion. Thursday was a day well spent!

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