Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sharing the news with Joey's family

Joey and I stopped at Babies R Us a couple of weeks back and decided to pick up a picture frame for his mom that says, "I love my Grandma" and we asked her and his sister Jessica to join us for a movie later that night. Part of me thought that maybe they had picked up on something during the few days that they had stayed at our house: the decaf teas, ginger ale, fan blowing in the house, the nap I took at a weird time of day etc. but, we soon discovered that they had no idea whatsoever which you can tell by the video above:-). We met them in the theater parking lot and Joey handed his mom the picture frame. The rest is documented for your viewing pleasure. It was so wonderful to see the surprise looks on their faces:). Can't wait for our little one to meet them!!


  1. LOVE it! We did somethign very similar with when we told my mom! It was Christmas, so we had wrapped up a framed pic of our first ultrasound, SO glad you guys taped it too! I love looking back at her reaction!

  2. oh how fun!! Enjoy this time, it's so special. And I recomend you plan a "babymoon" before you have the baby...just a little weekend getaway. It will give you guys something to look back on as your kid is throwing a tantrum in the toy isle of a store. :-)

  3. aw! that is TOO cute!!! i love their reactions!!!

  4. that is so awesome! What a great idea to get it on video. That is something you can look back on forever and smile about. I can't wait to meet your little peanut too!!!

  5. I love seeing people's reactions to things! Thanks for sharing! You look so cute by the way!

  6. you guys have such a fun blogsite with all your posts Casey! I get to see you today but since I'm checkin here, I will comment anyway. Looking forward to more posts on baby martinez!


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