Monday, August 3, 2009

How Bout them Bulls?

Last night Joey and I were able to enjoy a warm night at the Durham Bulls field. It was a good game with some great plays and boy was it humid! The sky looked a tad ominous for a while but, not a drop of rain disturbed the night. Great time with friends and Joey and I of course got our traditional monster nachos with extra jalenpenos. Delish! I could go to a game a week if I could afford it!! Such fun!! Thanks for dancing with me Miriam:) It was a blast!


  1. Those monster nachos sound delish! Now I want some.

  2. I had some too and they were amazing. You would have loved them Lindsey!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! Sorry I slack on commenting on your blog sometimes...for some reason my computer only lets me comment on your blog if I am signed onto Explorer. I usually use firefox because it's way faster, so sorry about that. I do always read them right away though! I left you a couple more from past posts too.


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