Sunday, August 2, 2009

Room Inspiration and random updates

I'll be honest, I have not had much to blog about for the past couple of weeks. We are keeping just as busy as ever but, I guess I am not taking as many pictures of all the goings on so there isn't as much to document. Joey's mom and his sister have moved to North Carolina from California. They got in last Wednesday afternoon and are getting settled a little more each day. It's such a blessing to have more of our family here in NC!

Thursday afternoon we had the windiest storm we have had to date here in North Carolina. From what I read on the news our little town got hit the hardest. Several large trees were knocked down, split in half and whipped around by the 60 mile an hour winds. Trampolines and patio covers were thrown across streets like leaves and the sky was just a roar of white for over 5 minutes. Joey and I both love watching the rain fall here and listening to it hit the concrete outside. I stood outside on my porch for a minute watching it pour like I always do but, then I heard this loud roar and a crash as the wind had knocked things down all over the neighborhood and then I saw the white tornado like spin of rain come howling down in my direction. I jumped inside just as the rain turned sideways and slammed into the front of my house. I am doing this storm no justice here. It was powerful, intense, scary, exciting and exhilarating all at once. Very neat!

Other than that, we've got my sister's wedding to fly to California for in just one short month which I am really looking forward to. My apologies in advance that I will not have time to visit with anyone while I am there. This is strictly a short trip so that I can assist my sister as much as possible. I hope to have more time to hang out with friends when we visit next. Anyhoo, Joey and I decided to get a new zoom lens since we don't have one and for a wedding it is pretty important to have zoom capabilities. Can't wait to try it out when it gets here this week and hopefully I can start getting more photography opportunities here pretty soon!

Lastly, Joey and I have volunteered to help out with the high school ministry at church. We will be leading "huddles" (bible studies) once a week with a group of 8-10 high schoolers. Joey will lead a guys group with another adult guy and I will lead a girls group with another adult gal. We both prayed about it for a while to make sure it is the right move for us and afterwards we both felt very strongly compelled to get involved in this ministry, to serve and also to learn and grow from these young people. We will be starting that up in September when school gets back in session sp please keep us in your prayers if you could! That's all for now:) TTFN...

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  1. I am excited for you to have more family move near you guys! It really makes a huge differece! What a blessing!


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