Monday, July 27, 2009

Never enough hours in a day

As Joey likes to quote, "America Runs off Dunkin!" He loves their coffee. I get green tea.
I have hated this bronze mirror for quite some time..I put on two coats of metallic silver. LOVE!
The 20ft maple tree that we scored at our favorite nursery for an amazing price
The dead maple that the builders gave us that we had to replace out of our pocket...ouch.
Joey uprooted the old dead tree easily as it was rotted to the core
New tree weighs over 300 pounds...Joey rolled it carefully out of his truck and into this hole
Packing in lots of dirt around the root ball. We were exhausted by this time.
Me watering the new bush I planted and the other flowers.
Isn't she a beaut! This was all done in a half day Saturday with 90+ degrees and humidity bearing down on our backs. We were cooking to say the least and exhasted by the heat but, in the end it was worth it. I love my new metallic colored mirror. I will post a picture of it soon and Joey and I love our new tree and bush that we planted. That is our weekend in a nutshell:).


  1. wow good job on putting in that huge tree! looking fwd to seeing how your mirror turned out! 90 plus humidity?! It got to the 80s for a few days in Cam and it wiped me out. Kuddos on working hard in the heat!

  2. that tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    way to go on planting it-it looks great in your neighborhood!
    i can't wait to see pics of the mirror :)

  3. can't wait to see the mirror. love the yard and love and miss you buddie :)!

  4. My goodness girl!! You guys are constantly at projects...BIG projects! Go you! I love the tree and can't wait to see the mirror too!

  5. Nice tree! You guys are such a cute couple!


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