Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lake Campin'

We generally take our smaller, light weight camera when we camp so that we don't have to lug around the heavy duty one, but silly me lost the battery charger so we were stuck with the less portable camera. As a result, I took maybe 15 pictures in total during our weekend at the lake which I am very bummed about. Note to self: buy new battery charger asap! The lake is absolutely gorgeous and the campground area is literally a much different then the dry, dessert style campgrounds of California that I am used to. Joey got to fish a lot and I got to lay out in the sun with friends by the lake. I would love to camp there again with our families someday. I enjoyed a wonderful bible study by myself early on Sunday morning at a picnic bench next to the lake and it was the most serene experience I have had in a long time. I saw a beautiful well fed Cardinal (one of mine and Joey's favorite birds) in the tree right beside me and the wind whispered all around me. It was so quiet,peaceful, even a bit cool as if Fall was visiting early. It was such a great place to spend some time alone with the Lord and to hear his voice. That was the highlight for me!

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