Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Steps to Conquer the Entryway

The entryway is just starting to come together thanks to the chandelier we got from Joey's Aunt, our new soft beige walls and a custom sign that I had made for over our door. I thought long and hard about what I would want a sign over my door to tell me every day when I walked out. I thought about, "bed and breakfast," "God Bless you," "Cozy Cottage," "Fun House," "Love Shack," lol. etc. etc. and nothing seemed to feel right. I know that the phrase Carpe Diem is used so often and so carelessly but, this phrase is so beautiful and powerful. I of course had to read up on the history of this phrase before being fully convinced that this is what I wanted to see every time I walked out of my home. Now Joey and I are both reminded each day when we step out to "seize the day" or "seize the moment." Such a great reminder. I absolutely love the new chandelier too! It is so dainty, unique and probably about 30 years old so it's one of a kind now. We only have a few more things to tackle with the entryway and then it will be finished and I can finally move on (thank goodness!): crown molding, dresser, mirror and new rug. I'll post more pics as progress is made and as usual I have to give all the credit and kudos to Joey who did all of the manual labor on this installation. Took the poor guy about 3 hours the other night but, he did it without complaint. He's the best!


  1. i LOVVVVE the sign and the chandelier!!! you've got to share how you made the sign! it's so cute!!!

  2. looks awesome! great job martinezes

  3. Where did you get the sign from?? I love it!

  4. Where did you get that sign? I love it!


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