Monday, September 7, 2009

My sister's Wedding Part 2

Mommy at the high school cafeteria. Isn't she the cutest lady ever!!
The groom, Tony's eye reflecting the cross window in the church. SOOOO NEAT!
The Groom's brother AJ, the little guy is his son, Logan in the middle and Ryan filling in.
Why we live and breath the way that we do. All for you, Jesus!
Me and the bride. My dear sister Becca Boo.
Friday was a fun day of lots of finishing touches. My mom and I worked on rolling the plastic utensils into a napkin and wrapping them with some rustic twine. I think we rolled 160 of them in total. We also stuffed little party favors with candies and glued orange flowers onto some pretty fall hearts that would adorn the aisle in the church. I loved sitting around working on wedding projects with my sister Becca and my mom throughout the day. It was definitely a nice bonding time. I also got to visit my younger sister Anna at her high school and evidently she doesn't ever want me to come back because the boys enjoyed my visit too much. lol. I found that quite amusing. I got to visit my mommy while she worked in the cafeteria at Anna's school and snapped a quick picture. The picture of Anna and I at her school didn't turn out unfortunately. I enjoyed getting to spend a little time meeting Anna's friends and some of her teachers. I hope Anna will let me come back some day:). Friday evening Joey was able to drive up when he got off work just in time for us to head up to the church for the wedding rehearsal. I think the rehearsal went really well and we all felt very confident about how things would go the next morning. Everybody had fun and afterwards we headed over to a delicious pizza restaurant and enjoyed eating to our heart's content with our family and the Groom's wonderful family. It was so nice to meet all of my sister's new family and to hang out with everyone and relax together. We got home late that evening and my mom and I finished up a few more things and then we all hit the sack 100% wiped out. I got to chat with the bride to be again that evening and I will forever cherish the time that I had with her before she turned a new page in her life story. I don't know if we will ever sleep in a room side by side alone chatting until the wee hours of morning again. We are both married now and our priorities are different but, those memories will last forever in my heart! waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I just never thought that my little sisters would grow up and move away from home. I'll miss hearing her answer the phone at the house and seeing her face everytime I get to stop by. Now she has her own house and her own life and sometimes we won't be able to cross paths due to conflicting schedules. Sigh. Getting older is tough:(. lol. Okay, but on the flip side. I couldn't be happier for my sister and my new brother in-law Tony. He is a great guy and perfect for her. I'm so happy that they have each other and that they honored God in their relationship. I know they will be blessed and enjoy a long happy life together! Part 3 is on it's way.....

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  1. wow! You got me emotional about siters and getting married! I guess i was so ready for Jill to get married that i didn't think about all that stuff! So glad that you got that extra time with her and that bonding time. God is good!!!


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