Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dakota update - surgery tonight

We were hoping things were looking up today with Dakota but, she took a turn for the worse with diarreah and then she began throwing up again which is a very bad sign. This is also day 4 of basically nothing in her stomach and she could barely walk anymore as she has gotten so weak. I couldn't take it anymore and realized that waiting it out wasn't working. Joey got home from work and we rushed Dakota to the ER night hospital. They started out the evaluation by doing an x-ray and some blood work on Dakota and both results, though not conclusive, indicated that there is actually something lodged in Dakota's intestines. They couldn't gaurentee us that there is in fact anything blocking but, the only other options recquired just as much money as proceeding with surgery. It is truly one of the most stressful, heart breaking and frustrating things to be at an ER with a sick and dearly loved animal and to be faced with the decision of taking on a several thousand dollar surgery bill or making an even harder decision. Joey and I had to talk the situation out for a while because we truly do not have any money for this kind of surprise but, ultimately because Dakota is so young and has such a high chance of coming out of surgery okay we felt the best decision was to proceed with the surgery tonight. Please pray that this surgery does in fact resolve Dakota's illness, that she is able to bounce back and begin eating on her own again and that we do not have this problem again. NO more rawhides for Ms. Dakota evidently. She will have surgery in the middle of the night tonight (Thursday) and will most likely stay at the hospital until Friday night or Saturday depending on her progress. I pray that she feels so much better when this is all over as she has been through so much this week as have we. Joey and I are both exhausted and overwhelmed but, feel relieved that there seems to be a solution and that our little pup will be back to her old self again in a week or two. I will update tomorrow after her surgery. Thanks for your prayers and support as we both really appreciate it!!

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  1. Ahh that poor little puppy. I hope you are all doing better tonight.


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