Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Becca's wedding Reception pics #2

Seriously, Becca and Tony's cake is by far the prettiest wedding cake I have ever set my eyes on. It was GORGEOUS and tasted even more delicious than it looks if you can imagine that. The rest of these pictures are of various friends and family. I miss everyone already. Oh, and lastly, can I just say that my husband was the most amazingly helpful and supportive hubby any wife could ask for during a crazy wedding week. He blessed my socks off:)! Can't wait to see everyone again soon!


  1. that cake is so extravagantly BEAUTIFUL! :) Yum Yum! And, I dont have time to comment on all the posts, but I have been EATING them up! Becca, if you read this, you were such an amazingly beautiful bride! Everyone looks so great and it looked like the perfect day! So glad God blessed it abundantly! Congrats Tony and Becca!

  2. What a fun wedding! It looks like you were all blessed with a gorgeous day and Becca looked lovely! And that cake!!!! That's one that you hate to cut into.
    I'm tellin ya Casey...get goin on that photography - even the candid reception shots you have are so neat. You have a natural God-given talent. You should definitely keep pursuing it...manual or not :)


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