Monday, October 19, 2009


Joey had his second to last fishing tournament this weekend. He did great pre fishing on Saturday but, didn't have quite as much luck on Sunday when the actual fish counted. The picture above is of a 5 to 6 pound bass that he caught on Saturday and is the biggest fish he has ever caught at this particular lake so it made his day and mine:). It was so cold this weekend! The morning temperatures were in the high 30's low 40's and it didn't get much above that all day so the boys were freezing on the lake to say the least. Joey is still in second place in his club and he has one more tournament next month before the season ends. He has had a blast fishing and traveling to new lakes with this group of bass enthusiasts and I couldn't be happier for him:).
I went out to lunch and shopped a little bit with Joey's sister Jessica on Saturday and she found this ridiculous hot dog costume hanging in the bed and bath section that we couldn't resist trying on:). hahaha. It cracked me up seeing Jessica in the costume so I had to try it on too:). Totally hides my belly so I wonder if I should wear it for the next 6 months?? lol.

Church was awesome yesterday as was our high school Huddles (bible study group) last night. Joey and I are having a blast leading the bible study for 17 and 18 year old guys and gals. It has really gotten us more engaged in our bible reading all week and gotten us connected with more people from our church. It's something that I feel like I should have gotten involved in a long time ago but, I guess better now than never!

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