Monday, October 12, 2009


I bought this ladybug costume for Dakota last year but, she was so small then that it was like a tent on her. This year it fits her perfectly but, she absolutely hated it which is understandable. Well, lucky for her we will have a child to humiliate and dress up as our little hearts desire next Halloween so she will be off the hook. All Dakota wanted to do was be curled up in my lap so she could wallow in her misery. hahaha. You can see in the bottom picture where they shaved her leg for the IV. If you want to see the tummy scar just let me know and I will post a picture of it. It is quite large so don't be surprised! We only left the costume on her for a few minutes and I'm sure it will never get worn again but it was still worth it as Joey and I had a great laugh at her expense:).


  1. oh the joy of torturing ones pets and children...brings a smile to my face just thinking of how we torture our dogs and child :) Please do post a pic of her scar! Her and Brutus can comapre battle wounds! Love the costume!

  2. When Brandon and I saw these pictures, I started laughing and Brandon said, "no wonder Dakota is trying to assert her dominance, they put her in a ladybug costume!". lol

  3. so cute! Speaking of "torture", I was actually tempted to buy Hudson a costume made for dogs because I thought it would fit his large torso... then when it said in big print on the front "For Animals Only" I decided that would be extra cruel!

    Ok Lets get those belly pics up here Casey!

    Loved the shots of you all in the post below- you are getting really good Casey! Wished I could have been there too!

  4. you know on one of the radio stations (93.9 maybe?) they're doing pet-o-ween, where you post pics of your pet in costume. i thought for sure no one would do this... ;) just kidding, she's actually super cute!

  5. How cool!! Too bad we won't be passing out candy together because our dogs would be the best of friends...Sail is gonna be a bumble bee!!!! And poor him and Em have a few years left of this torture...hehehe!


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