Monday, October 26, 2009

Belly at 18 weeks-ish

The pictures of Joey and I and my belly were taken yesterday evening so two days shy of my 18 week mark. My belly hasn't grown much since 16 weeks but, my uterus has definitely grown and stretched higher up my waist line. The baby is kicking like crazy all the time all day long and the kicks have gotten stronger in the past two weeks. As I speak this active kid is kicking away. I definitely think he/she will have daddy's energy not mine:). lol. I wanted to take a picture with my hubby to document the growing belly with him but, also to give him credit for being the most amazing husband any girl could ask for!!! My love for him has grown ten fold since I became pregnant. Joey has stepped up to the plate in ways I never expected and has served me tirelessly in any way I need him. He has gotten me food to satisfy my cravings at the drop of a hat, given me countless shoulder and neck messages to help keep my headaches at bay, he talks to the baby and tries to feel it kick, he helps me clean on a daily basis without complaint and he works so hard for our growing family. Last week he bought me not one, not two but, three boquets of flowers just to show me how much he loves me. I feel so loved, so blessed and so grateful to have such a funny, handsome man to walk through this journey into parenthood with. Love you babe!!


  1. Aww, that was such a sweet post. I guess you'll keep him around for a little while longer, huh? ;-) And your little baby belly is so cute...can't wait to see what you look like 20 weeks from now.

  2. HAHA lindsey...that is funny, I can't wait to see what she looks like 20 weeks from now too! I am so glad that you have Joe, you guys fit together so perfectly and I love to see you two love each other. What a great mom and dad that little peanut will have! I know it is kinda early, but that belly seems a little low...which means a boy! But I think that it may be too early to tell that. You are adorable and will love looking back at these pics! inch by inch you will grow! yeah casey mom!

  3. Go Joey, go!!!!!! That is way too sweet!!! I love you guys! Cutest couple ever! You are looking so cute!! The baby kicks are so neat, aren't they! YOu won't believe how much stronger they get too! Keep these pictures coming!

  4. Love the belly pics! Love all the flowers; what a good hubby :)

  5. AW! you guys are just TOO CUTE!!!! i love love LOVE the belly pics!! keep 'em coming!!!


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