Friday, December 11, 2009

I am blessed

Wowie! I leave for CA early tomorrow morning! It came up so fast as this time of year is so busy with so many distractions that when I woke up today I was almost shocked that it's time to go already! I am really looking forward to seeing all my friends and family while I am out there this next week and I am also looking forward to my first baby shower at my Grandma's house on Sunday. I will miss my hubs thouhg and wish he could be there to celebrate with me and my family but, maybe next year! If all you NC folks could keep him busy and preoccupied for me that would be great:). lol.

I just want to say that during this crazy season of life that Joey and are going through with all sorts of interesting twists and turns that I cannot help but, give God all the glory for giving me (us) little bursts of sunshine here and there to brighten a dreary day, week or whatever. Today's blessings came in the form of our bank having mercy on us and cutting us slack for making a silly mistake which saved us a good amount of money and an unexpected baby gift that arrived on my porch today in the mail. Thank you sooooo much to the friend who sent it! I don't want to single you out on here and embarrass you but, I do want to say that her gift came at such a perfect time and what I love about God, is His timing is always perfect and He is so faithful to provide for us! I love that when we feel lonely, he is faithful to comfort and to love on us, when we are struggling, He is faithful to bless and provide and when we need guidance, His voice, though so still and quiet can be so strong and clear. Thank you Jesus for loving on us! I can't imagine walking this life without you beside me!

I probably won't be posting next week so hang tight and I look forward to telling you all about Joey's fishing tournament finale party (he's getting 3 trophies!!), the baby shower and all our adventures when I get back to NC:). God Bless each of you this busy holiday season and I hope you all stay safe and healthy! I pray that if there are needs in your life, that the Lord meets you where you are at and provides. I pray that if anyone is lonely or needing to be reminded how loved they are...that God wraps you in his endless arms of love and peace and sends people alongside you to encourage you in the perfect moments! Lots of love to all of you from Joey and myself this Christmas:)


  1. Love ya, Casey! I hope you have so much fun! I'm looking forward to the pictures!

  2. Have fun in California! :) Merry Christmas to you and Joey!

  3. Hope you're having a great time being back in Cali! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it!


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